Massive Audiosurf Update Released

Massive Audiosurf Update Released


A huge update to the hit independent videogame Audiosurf has been released and is now available to owners of the game via Steam.

The FM Update introduces a wide range of new content and features including audioscrobbling, using freeride as a desktop music visualizer, maximum song lengths of up to 60 minutes, scoreboard comment tabs and much more. A Mod interface has also been included to allow for the creation of extensions, several of which are already available including Shuffle Play, an MSN Messenger status writer and a Windows Explorer context menu option that lets players launch Audiosurf by right-clicking on individual songs. Numerous bug fixes are also included.

Created by independent solo developer Dylan Fitterer, Audiosurf is a "music-adapting puzzle racer" that uses the player's own music to build the game experience. Audiosurf won the "Excellence in Audio" and "Audience Award" at this year's Independent Games Festival, and can be purchased exclusively via Steam for $9.99. More information is available at


This sounds cool. I might need to try this new stuff out.


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