Wits & Wagers for XBox Live Arcade

Wits & Wagers for XBox Live Arcade

Wits & Wagers, a trivia party game, wil be available for Xbox Live Arcade this week.

The game brings an "inventive and accessible party experience" to the platform according to Microsoft, and has garnered Xbox Magazine's Editor's Choice award.

Akin to the board game counterpart, trivia expertise is not necessary to master the game, which combines betting and social ability with trivia knowledge.

The game can be played locally (one to four players) or online (two to six players) and features 700 trivia questions and "character costumes" with dance moves representing the players themselves. It also supports the leaderboards and the Xbox Live Vision Camera.

The title was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and is rated E. It costs 800 MS points.



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