AOL Sports and EA Join Forces

AOL Sports and EA Join Forces

AOL Sports and Electronic Arts have joined forces to create an free online sports trivia game.

EA SPORTS GameShow is "the only live-hosted, interactive online sports trivia game," EA noted. The sessions are broadcast from Orlanda, FL, with daily program updates to content that will now reach the 10.9 million unique visitors to AOL Sports every month.

"After several months of beta testing, we're excited to move to the next phase of EA SPORTS GameShow," said Executive Producer Roy Harvey. "This agreement with AOL provides an outstanding opportunity to introduce new sports fans from across the country to 'live broadcast gaming', a captivating, innovative form of entertainment."

He said the initiative will enable sports enthusiasts have free and competitive fun while also giving advertisers a place to reach their key demographic.

The game is available in a new Flash format at


Junaid Alam:
key demographic.

That phrase always make me die a little inside


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