The Escapist Wins Webbies

The Escapist Wins Webbies


With its characteristic grace, style and Viking-like ice-blooded ruthlessness, The Escapist has captured its Webby Awards.

The Escapist was nominated in April under the category of Game-Related Website, and was eligible to win two prizes: The Webby Award, chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and the People's Voice Award, selected by popular vote. Despite facing fierce competition from noteworthy websites Gamasutra, Gamezebo,'s GameLife Blog and, The Escapist completed the sweep, capturing both awards.

"We're absolutely ecstatic both the committee and the community chose to award us with both Webby awards," said Escapist Associate Editor Joe Blancato. "Amid such tough competition, it's both humbling and gratifying to learn we won."

The Webby Awards, established in 1996, recognize excellence in the online arena across a diverse range of nearly 70 categories, including Activism, Fashion, Consumer Electronics, Music, Podcasts and Youth. The complete list of winners, who will be formally recognized at the 12th Annual Webby Awards Ceremony from June 8-10 in New York City, is available here.


Congrats, a well deserved award. Did you get a motivation along with the giant trophy?

Well done to you all. I'm sure the whole forum community agrees it is well deserved.

WOOT! Congrats!

I'm sure this comes as a surprise to no one.

Still, congratulations all the same, guys; good work.

apparently you beat, even in the peoples choice - now that is quality.

keep it up.

Great work guys. The awards are certainly deserved.

Congrats! And it's nice to see at least one of my picks win...

-- Steve

Guess the escapist won't beat yahtzee after all XD

Thanks all! We're so excited to have won both awards. And thanks to the best community ever who jumped up to support us. *tear* /mushy

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Gotta say I'm glad I came here (originally for ZP) but Malagrys and the others actually get involved and bring us some good scoops without trying to push agendas. Top marks.

Awesome. Well done chaps. Celebratory booze for all.

lol why are we congratulating them? it was OUR votes that won the peoples voice award for them.
lets give a hand to all the voters out there *clap clap clap*

seriously, congrats on the award, Escapist. you deserve it

i originally came here for the zero punctuation series, but have found there is much more to this site.

*claps* Good Job.

Well congrats you surely do deserve it. Anyway what do you get with this win? A big trphy, Money , Pride?
If it is just pride then you have been swindled.

A landslide victory! Congratulations, guys, it's well-deserved.

Guess the escapist won't beat yahtzee after all XD

Now, now, they said they would beat him if they didn't win. They DIDN'T say they WOULDN'T beat him if they DID win, did they? ;)

Hurrah for a well deserved win...

Sweet for the Escapist, it isn't suprising though.

I was slightly surprised... not that The Escapist doesn't deserve it, but I'm not used to the best nominee winning!

Congrats Escapist. Keep doing your thang! :-)


Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Word up G money, now lets go smash a xerox machine.

Congrats to all at the Escapist for some quality journalism, long may it continue.

Great job for winning both awards (to everyone who voted and the site itself). Now, question. Does the site actually get anything? Or are they just allowed to put "We won a Webby!" on the site.

Congratulations :) BUT...If you read the comments and stuff on voting, i dont think you guys would have reached this far without Zero punctuation :)

Unsurprising, and exquisitely well-deserved. Congratulations to all of you! You guys should get a commemorative Webby Broom for pulling off the sweep. ^_^


Knight Templar:

nicely put.

i'm glad, i farmed every computer i could to pour votes into this, its awesome you guys won!

(thumbs up emoticon if i could and i did not hate emoticons with a passion)

Came for the ZP, stayed for stories.


The Rogue Wolf:
A landslide victory! Congratulations, guys, it's well-deserved.



The Rogue Wolf:
A landslide victory! Congratulations, guys, it's well-deserved.


Is that a pun? A reverse-pun? I know there's word-play humour in there somewhere...

You can thank me later...

Nah, it was a well deserved win. Great content, great forums, and most of all, great community. **Claps**


The Rogue Wolf:
A landslide victory! Congratulations, guys, it's well-deserved.


I've been waiting more than two weeks for that.

Good stuff landslide talk about rubbing it in.

Go Escapist! ^_^


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