ESA PAC Starts Slowly with Few Funds

ESA PAC Starts Slowly with Few Funds


The ESA's political campaign contributions is far from meeting its stated goal of $50,000.

In January, Entertainment Software Association President Mike Gallagher announced that his organization would be forming a political action committee (PAC) for the games industry to contribute funds to political campaigns. He hoped to raise and send out at least $50,000 by the end of 2008.

As of April 15th, only $4,300 has been disbursed to three candidates:

  • Rep. Jim Clyburn D-SC, $1,000
  • Rep. Artur Davis D-AL, $1,000
  • Rep. Mary Bono Mack R-CA, $2,300

The lack of donations is largely due to low fundraising from industry insiders, the PAC's financial backbone.

Six individuals have given thus far a total of $27,500:

  • Robbie Bach (Microsoft), $2,500
  • Mike Gallagher (ESA), $5,000
  • Laurent Detoc (Ubisoft), $5,000
  • Ben Feder (Take-Two), $5,000
  • Graham Hopper (Disney), $5,000
  • Hiroshi Tobisawa (Capcom USA), $5,000

Source: GamePolitics


they couldnt raise $50,000 between them? that target is tiny & the fact they couldnt reach it quite telling on the ESAs current poor health I think

No wonder so many industry companies are leaving.

Too early to declare its death, but I think this is a sure sign that the ESA isn't doing so well.

I don't really understand what teh point of the ESA is. It dosn't seem to do anything.

Microsoft gave under three grand!?

Goodbye, ESA!


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