Florida Courts Recommend Disbarment for Jack Thompson

Florida Courts Recommend Disbarment for Jack Thompson


His years of antics and nonsense have finally caught up to him, as the Florida Bar recommended yesterday that Jack Thompson be disbarred.

The culmination of proceedings that have dragged on for more than a year, the recommendation of disbarment follows Judge Dava Tunis' finding that Thompson was guilty of 27 counts of professional misconduct, including knowingly making false statements and engaging in "dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation." Thompson had originally threatened to boycott the hearing, but according to a GamePolitics report, arrived and attempted to read aloud a "lengthy objection." When he was refused permission to do so, he handed out printed copies of the objection instead, and later, according to a witness at the scene, reiterated his complaints regarding Judge Tunis' loyalty oath and walked out of the hearing while it was still in progress.

The Bar's ultimate recommendation was for "enhanced disbarment," with a minimum of ten years before Thompson can reapply for reinstatement. While Thompson's final fate won't be decided until it goes before the Florida Supreme Court in September, his behavior over the course of the proceedings is not expected to earn him leniency.

Meanwhile, Thompson's federal lawsuit against the Florida Supreme Court in which he claimed he was unconstitutionally barred from representing himself was dismissed "with prejudice" by U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lenard. Thompson was sanctioned after filing legal submissions that included explicit gay pornography and other material determined to be "repetitive, frivolous, and, like his earlier ones, insulting to the Court." At the time, Thompson called the sanction "the single greatest gift any court has ever given (him)" and said he would "deconstruct" the Florida Bar with the federal suit.

The dismissal of the lawsuit with prejudice means Thompson will not be able to pursue the matter further, but he still has two other federal suits in the works, one against the Florida Bar that is currently on hold, and the second dealing with Judge Dava Tunis' loyalty oath, which Thompson claims is invalid.


Wacko Jacko is at it again... heh, you think he'll ever get a break?


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