UK Government Responds to Tax Break Petition

UK Government Responds to Tax Break Petition


Tiga's suggested tax break for game developers is going under government review.

When Tiga, Britain's games industry trade organization, renewed its idea of asking the government for tax breaks for game companies, a formal online petition launched asking the Prime Minister to "provide tax or other incentives to support the UK computer and video games industry."

Now that the petition has closed, the government responded that it "takes seriously the contribution of the UK's creative industries to the economy and to the UK's cultural richness."

In a paper entitled "Creative Britain- New talents for the New Economy" the government promised that "the creative industries, including the games sector, were aware of and made the best use of the generous Research and Development tax credits for small and medium-sized enterprises."

After France took similar action to reduce taxes for game developers, the UK confirmed that is working "to collect and review the evidence for introducing such a credit in the UK."

Source: Destructoid


The Labour government, reduce a tax?

I also heard they've just given the first RAF Swine Squadron its wings, that and granting planning permission for a ski resort, in Hell...

*collapses laughing*

Seriously? Labour giving a tax break? How much have Tiga donated to the Tony Blair retirement fund?

This, from a government that thinks "cultural diversity" means "fill the country up with immigrants"?

Don't make me laugh. Labour - or rather, the Tories - will never reduce any taxes... at least, not without raising others to overcompensate.

Its not about culture or diversity. Gaming is bigger than the movie industry, therefore when forward thinking countries like France and Canada think 'aha, lets offer tax incentives for major players in the gaming industry to relocate', the first action of our uninspired, reactionary, clowns-in-the-guise-of-politicians is, rather than actually thinking ahead about what will make money in the future, to cry foul.

The British games industry is bleeding to death out of its arse, simply because it costs too much to develop a product here - which means the risks to the developer are greater, the consequences of a title not achieving commercial success being financially devastating.
Hence the acquisition or demise of pretty much every major games dev in the UK by a larger US or European competitor and the untenable position of independent teams like Mucky Foot.

Its a good thing for the British economy then that our principle money-makers are such ancient institutions as: the Financial Sector (roughly 300 years old), the Arms Trade (probably the oldest trade in the world after prositution) and Tourism (modern tourist activity can be seen as far back as the 18th century in travel writing from then - nice to know that our incumbent monarch and her horse-faced litter of bastards serves some purpose).

The greatest tragedy to come from this is that there are very few games released which have a sense of British (or good...) humour or that doesn't take itself seriously. The British Government is thus to blame for the bland same-ness of much of today's games.

By the way, just in case this thread turns party-political and you UK gamers might be wondering which party represents you on voting day: none of the UK political parties, thats right - none, not Labour, not the Tories and certainly not the Lib-Dems, want anything to do with games so long as the Daily Mail, the Sun and other rag-sheet newspapers continue to publish their misinformed, sensationalist bullsh*t about how GTA inspires knife crime or online gaming makes you r3tarded. If you want to live in a country that develops games or isn't as politically f*cked as the UK (don't you just love the overbearing, authoritarian, conservative morality espoused by both Gordon 'Dull-as-F*ck' Brown and David 'Silver-Spoon-Toff-Boy-wouldn't-notice-real-life-if-it-stabbed-him-in-the-face' Cameron), then move to Canada (they also have a higher standard of education, in all areas, than we do here). Thats my plan anyway, to get away from this miserable, small-minded, backward-looking, cocaine-infested, toff-controlled, debt-festival of a country as soon as humanely possible.

the Arms Trade (probably the oldest trade in the world after prositution)

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