Analyst: Microsoft Announcing 360 Price Cut At E3

Analyst: Microsoft Announcing 360 Price Cut At E3


Microsoft is poised to reduce the price of the Xbox 360, introduce a new unit, or both, an analyst predicted.

"With E3 around the corner, we can expect Microsoft to make some type of announcement regarding a hardware price cut, the introductory of a new hardware SKU with new features, or both," said EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich.

Rumors about the introduction of an Xbox 360 with Blu-Ray capability have been swirling around for the past month but remain unconfirmed by manufacturers.

Divnich further predicted that the PlayStation 3 will outsell the 360 in May sales due to the impending release of Metal Gear Solid 4. He also said he expected Sony to cut the PS3's price a month or two after Microsoft's movie, assuming it happens.

Finally, Divnich said Nintendo was making greater strides toward meeting demand in the U.S., as reflected in the sharply declining gray market mark-ups for the console. Wii Fit is still a hefty 62 percent more expensive on the gray market than retail, however.



I'd rather the price stayed fix and they finally put an end to the RROD issue, a lot of people are pointing towards cutting corners in production causing RROD's and cutting them further can't help.

Didn't analysts say it would be a long wait before Sony cut the price on the PS3 again? They're making quite a loss on each console already...

This just in: Microsoft release new version of the 360.

Don coyner speaks about the new machine,"This version is called the 360 Volvo. We called it that because it's reliable. No really, we mean it this time, it works... no, please don't walk away, you have to believe me this time, it really does work... don't leave me alone in here...,"

I can't see Msoft bringing out yet another 360, especially if the changes to it are as fundamental as changing the disc drive, which would be a lovely FU to every gamer and dev who took the time to buy or make a game on the hddvd. Maybe the release of the much denied external Blu-ray drive? Or a dual hdvd blu ray compatible machine? nah...

Then again, how will Msoft convince anyone the 360 is getting more reliable without releasing a new version?

Psh theyre gonna release thier new SeXboX as Fox news so lovingly predicted when they bitched about Mass Effect. But seriously Microsoft needs to ge tthier shit together I just got RROD'thed erlier.


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