Led Zeppelin Avoids Music Games

Led Zeppelin Avoids Music Games


Rock legend Led Zeppelin isn't lending its music to either Guitar Hero or Rock Band, despite the promise of huge profits.

Guitar Hero may have Metallica's song library for a band-branded release of the popular fret-burning franchise, but the members of 1970s rock legend Led Zeppelin have continually shot down offers from both Activision and MTV to be featured in any music game.

The financial reasoning behind remaining game-adverse is questionable. Irving Azoff, manager for Aerosmith, who got its own Guitar Hero game last month, explains the surge in music industry support for gaming because videogames can be "much more lucrative than anything you can do in the record business." These partnerships with game publishers typically include upfront payments and future royalties from game sales.

It seems Zeppelin is content to ignore the dollar signs in order to protect the band's personal property, namely the master records necessary for the development of games based on the sound of individual instruments.

"It ain't about the money," said Peter Mensch, Jimmy Page's manager.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Game|Life


I wouldn't be that suprised if it wasn't for that god-awful remix of "Kashmir".

That's all well and good, but what about a proper reunion and tour?

Well done, Zepp. Keep the charisma intact. But for goodness sake, guys (and I mean you, Mr.Plant), please tour!

I might actualy buy a Led Zeppelin Guitar Hero game if it didn't make me feel like I was abusing elderly citisens. Besides, I am quite sure the Zepps have more money then they could use. Then again, if it isn't about money why not do it and give it to charity?

I felt as if millions of voices of Led Zeppelin fans all cried out at once, and were then silent.
Well I'm a bit heartbroken that this isn't even a possibility, but to echo the above, PLEASE TOUR.

But when the music finally does get into the games, it will be all the sweeter.

Think about it:

Stairway to heaven+ friends+ rockband = Greatest gaming experience ever

You have to work for paradise young padawans, now get out there and fight for what you want!

Whatever, I know I'm gonna get crucified for this but I've never been too big on Zeppelin, I just can't stand Robert Plant. I have to admit that I like "When the Levee breaks", "Immigrant Song" and "Gallows Pole" (the No Quarter Version), but that's it.

If they go on tour, all is forgiven.

That's good, they're not seel out whores. Rock on... But the question becomes, so what? Why not put it out there? Is it really that detrimental the your intillectual properties?

id give up all my video games to see zep play a live show

Man, wouldn't it suck if you did that and then they phoned it in?


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