Solid Snake Actor Scripts Lost Planet Flick

Solid Snake Actor Scripts Lost Planet Flick


David Hayter, the gruff voice behind Metal Gear Solid's lead character, has written the script for the upcoming Lost Planet movie currently in production.

Warner Bros. will be distributing the film based on Capcom's Xbox 360 game, with the developer co-financing half of the film's production. Seaside Entertainment will be doing the shooting sometime in the future, possibly coinciding with its live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell with Dreamworks.

Lost Planet is currently Capcom's third game-based movie, with Street Fighter and Onimusha movies in the works. The developer's Resident Evil horror franchise has already seen film success.

Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter has ample experience in screenwriting, having worked on the first two X-Men movies for Marvel Comics.

Source: Variety


Hell, I'm still waiting to see how his screenplay of 'The Watchmen' pays out.

... Lost Planet? Okay... I guess. I personaly like most of David Hayter's story writing, as I really enjoyed what he put forward in X-2. And according to a friend of mine who works as a script writer for a local production company, his Watchman Script is about as good as you can hope for a Watchman adaptation.

I can only hope for the best...

If Hayter plays games, then at least that experience will probably prove useful when writing a game based movie script.

Lost Planet could be quite an interesting film, perhaps mixing a bit of The Thing with Starship Troopers. David Hayter has written some really solid stuff in the past, and if he plays games like he says he does, then I'm sure he's researched Lost Planet and at least done it some justice.

How can this not work out well?

He is Solid. Fucking. Snake.

Pure gold, the only possible outcome.

I will see this movie, no matter what. I don't even know what Lost Planet is about.

I cant believe that they are making a Lost Planet movie. Game Informer announced the speculation that they may be making one over a year ago. I can't wait though, I love that game.


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