Dark Side of the Boom (Blox)

Dark Side of the Boom (Blox)


Despite its slow start, EA chief John Riccitiello isn't worried about the success of Boom Blox, saying it has a long-term durability comparable to the Pink Floyd classic Dark Side of the Moon.

Boom Blox was highly-touted by publisher Electronic Arts prior to its release, primarily due to the involvement of Steven Spielberg, the famed movie director who entered into a three-title development deal with EA in 2005. Despite his high-profile presence, however, Boom Blox did not fare overly well when it was released, racking up only 60,000 unit sales in May and coming in ninth in the list of top-selling games for the Wii.

But in Riccitiello's eyes, there's nothing to worry about. He believes the game will prove durable over the long run, and goes so far as to suggest a sequel isn't out of the question.

"First off, we had a week's sales with no advertising. Last time I checked MTV wasn't a financial network, but... it met our expectations," Riccitello told MTV Multiplayer. "Boom Blox was a competent seller in the month it was introduced and only had a week of sales without advertising. So it's doing actually quite well. We haven't announced a sequel, but I would tell you that I certainly am curious [about making one]. It's a hit title."

"Given that you come from a music network, I think Boom Blox is going to be the Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon for games," he continued. "It's going to last a long time. I think it's going to be a favorite for a long time. If you haven't picked it up there's really nothing like it out there... frankly, I'm addicted to it. My kids are into it. It's a great title."

Released in 1973, Pink Floyd's magnum opus spent only one week at the top of the Billboard 200, but achieved legendary status for going on to spend a record-setting 741 consecutive weeks on the charts, selling over 40 million copies in the process.


I played this one, it's actually a REALLY awesome game, it just needs time to pick up, so I guess I agree.

That's setting the bar a little high, isn't it? Maybe he could've suggested some lesser well-selling album.

That's setting the bar a little high, isn't it? Maybe he could've suggested some lesser well-selling album.

I think it's more like Floyd's Atom Heart Mother. Every time you listen to that album, something new and exciting can be found. Sections that start as gibberish are coherent the next few times you hear it.
I think Boom Blox will work it's way into many Wii owner's houses. I loaned it to my mom's class of ED kids, and they loved the charm. All of the parents saw it and thought "A game that looks FUN... Huh." Like DSOTM, you get someone to invest some time in this game, and it becomes not a pop hit, but a real classic.

(I also heard if you play the game while listening to the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz.... freaky stuff man..)

I love that album. Simply because of the Floyd reference, I shall buy that game...

Or maybe not.

I think Uwe Boll should make references to Pink Floyd as well.


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