PopCap Unveils Peggle DS

PopCap Unveils Peggle DS


PopCap Games has announced a new version of its hit casual title Peggle for the Nintendo DS.

The game will not be a port, according to PopCap Vice President Greg Canessa, but "an adaptation with new and exclusive features," including all-new levels unique to the DS. The game is being developed by Q Entertainment, whose previous efforts include Lumines for the PSP and PC. Despite the size of its casual gaming catalog, Peggle will be PopCap's first game for the DS, but won't be the last.

"We are super excited," Canessa said. "It's just the beginning of great things to come for PopCap and Nintendo on the DS platform."

While the official announcement of the game was made today, PopCap founder John Vechney accidentally revealed the game's existence in February at Casual Connect Amsterdam, although according to a Develop report it was unknown at that time that PopCap would seek the assistance of a "prestigious Japanese studio" in making the game.

Peggle for the Nintendo DS is scheduled for release in late 2008.


Oh joy... Oh rapture... Peggle on the DS......Wow.......Just....Wow......[/sarcasm]

Seriously? Don't they get enough from their PC efforts?

Peggles freakin awesome! Perfect game for DS

Yahtzee must be thrilled about this

Yay! Peggle! I really like this game, makes me feel fuzzy when I play it. So what if it's 'casual' if it's fun, I'm there.

I say bring it on, the DS could use some more puzzlers.

Perfect game to keep in the DS case for those times you're stuck in an aiport.

i love peggle, and i think this is a goo idea, as long as its new and not badly priced...

should breathe some new life into the DS anyway...


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