Life-Size Gears Lancer Coming To Amazon

Life-Size Gears Lancer Coming To Amazon

image will be offering a life-size Lancer Assault Rifle replica from NECA, available in November with the launch of Gears of War 2.

Designed around 3-D data obtained directly from Epic's Gears of War 2, the Lancer replica is a full three feet long and hand-painted in exquisite detail, featuring a removable clip and side handle that both slides and folds. Pulling the trigger activates vibrating action and a dangerous chainsaw sound powered by three "C" batteries. Customers who pre-order this unique collectible will receive a free copy of Gears of Wars 2 standard edition for the Xbox 360, and will be eligible to upgrade to the Limited Collector's Edition for only $10.00 more.

NECA will also be releasing a "Headshot" Locust Drone action figure at the same time, complete with metal COG tags. Following up on NECA's original Locust Drone figure, the "Headshot" Drone will be depicted as an unfortunate victim of a Longshot Sniper Rifle blast to the skull.

The Lancer assault rifle replica is set for release on November 7, in line with Epic's Gears of War 2, and will retail for $139.99. To slap down the green for your own pre-order (or to just have a look at the thing), go to


Brilliant, can't wait for the coppers to shoot someone walking down the street waving one around...

Brilliant, can't wait for the coppers to shoot someone walking down the street waving one around...

yup that will happen most likely it will be my freind who thinks GoW is his god

Retarded teen being shot aside, that's still pretty sweet.

See, if Bungie had sold the helmet that came with the legendary pack of halo 3 as a lifesized wearable replica, instead of 3/4s model that was a dvd holder, they could've cashed in bigtime.

Too bad it's an exclusive. They don't seem to have it on and they won't ship it. I definitely would have bought it too.

I feel like a twelve year old screecher on Xbox Live crowing out to my parents to buy me a Matel LightSaber. But I'm still ordering one!


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