Funcom Employee Fired for Cybersex in Conan

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Well that made some form of priceless reading. To the fellow involved I salute you sir, and kindly request you remove yourself from the genepool, and thank you to Candy who has brightened my day immeasurably.

Now back to work ... maybe if i can stop crying with laughter

That was even better than this:

uh, never played AoC or anything by "FunCom" but is no cyber sexing in the terms of service? -or are Game Masters not allowed to have sex on the internet, and in AoC of all things...probably with Yahtzee's character or something of that nature? Is it because GM's are "customer service" employees?

I need answers because right now in my eyes, this is just a fucking hilarious cyber sex convo that I see no real reason why he should have gotten fired, but, it's still funny. Yeah he's an idiot and unprofessional but I don't know what the hell a game master is anyway, nor what the AoC ToS is.

Candy: You're just as kinky as me
Candy: Infact you're so kinky, you just cybered with a dude :P
Candy shouts: THIS IS SPARTA

Yeah, Zack Snyder should have had that in the 300 sex scene.


Lt. Sera:
Wow, that is a major flaw. Who figured that would be a great idea?

It's free.

Precisely. Funcom doesn't understand that the most important part of an "Online Game Service" is that it is a *service*. They are still thinking like packaged game developers. They don't really want to be bothered with how people use the content, after they write it they want to wash their hands of it.

This shows in their entire abysmal attitude towards customers and customer service and is killing an otherwise promising game.

hahaha, frikin hilarious, very nice. lol

Typical MMORPG scandal. Nothing new really, but a depressing story nonetheless.

Cybersex while on the clock. Beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it looks like to be caught viewing porn in the office... in the future.

Ah, the Internet, where the men are men, the women are men, and the childrenare FBI agents.

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