Warhammer Online Experiencing Open Beta Problems

Warhammer Online Experiencing Open Beta Problems


The Warhammer Online open beta has had a rough start in Europe as account registration and authentication systems for new players refused to work when the game opened.

GOA, the company managing the game in Europe, posted a message earlier today saying "serious problems with the authentication system," combined with "an exceptional amount of traffic and a fault which was not identified during the extensive tests we ran on our platform" have resulted in the vast majority of people attempting to access the open beta being unable to do so. The problem was serious enough that GOA Chief Executive Ghislaine Le Rhun posted a message apologizing to gamers.

"As my team explained in the previous post, although we have opened the servers and corrected numerous issues during the last 24 hours but we have not yet solved the issue of saturated Open Beta key activations that we're currently experiencing," Le Rhun wrote. "I am sincerely sorry for this, and I understand all the frustration the situation has spawned."

"Today was a dark day. We expected a massive influx of players, but reality was even harsher," he added.

Since then, GOA has taken the Warhammer Online key validation system offline and replaced it with a new code registration page, which will store and then asynchronously check beta key codes. Unfortunately, the system is currently only available to players who either already have a beta center account or who were able to create an account the previous day and have received a confirmation email about it; everyone else will have to wait "a little longer."

The Warhammer Online open beta is only scheduled to run 11 days, a laughably short span for any sort of meaningful testing. Mark Jacobs, co-founder of Warhammer Online developer Mythic, said he wished the open beta could have run longer, "but the timing just didn't work out." Given this inauspicious start, perhaps it would be wise to toss the timing out the window and tack another week or two onto the open beta phase. Rigorous testing now means a whole lot fewer headaches later.

On the other hand, kids these days seem to think "beta" is Latin for "play it free," so maybe it's all just a waste of time. In any event, you can stay up to speed on the status of the Warhammer Online Europe open beta at war-europe.com.


An open beta isnt for play testing. Not anymore. It is stress testing and demo time.

I am having a ball in the American beta and have been in the beta for over a year so I am not surprised by the 11 days thing. The Closed beta got some really awesome people that have worked hard. Not to mention some of the bigger guilds that have been pushing when asked.

I feel sorry for GOA and European players. But this is, after all, a beta test. 8)

Its not the fact that we are not playing the game. Its the misinformation given to us, the lack of comunication, and the fact that they more or less made us sit in front of or pc filling in a form that was done in flash so we had to retype everything over and over again. This is the second day they have strung us along... Well the end of the second day now :<

GOA, who are in charge of this catastophy have been most armature like, and i dont think they know what they are doing. They are ruinung the experience of the game. How? Because ppl can't play, and have opted to not play now, also many have canceled the game. This has happened to the whole of Europe mind... That could be a lot of miss sales... Which in turn could hinder the game somewhat.

Very silly stuff going on i can tell you :P

Dude I feel for you and your compatriots. To think how much my guild mates had been looking forward to this weekend, and had they messed that up, yeah we would be pissed too.

Keep the faith brother, nothing will stop the WAR!

Yeah, i can't wait to try the game. Only heard good things :)

But i must say, at the rate its going. Europe won't even be ready at release day.

I am from the UK so I am glad to be in Florida right now 8)

Hope it is up for you soon!


Huh, what? Wrath of the Lich King?!

Yay more endless grinds!!! Oh wait thats WoW!!!


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