Eat Lead with Matt Hazard

Eat Lead with Matt Hazard


It turns out fake retro gaming icons make fun marketing ploys.

For those who might be wondering, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is an actual game set to release early next year on Xbox 360 and PS3. However, don't be surprised if you've never heard of the purportedly time-worn franchise that dates back to the early 1980s; it doesn't really exist.

In a hilarious rogue publicity maneuver, D3Publisher has spent quite some time weaving an elaborate back story for its latest gaming endeavor. The company's guerrilla ad campaign revolving around the fictional Matt Hazard borders on absurdity - in a genius sort of way. It lampoons classic videogame franchises and the gaming industry itself in a pleasantly tongue-in-cheek manner.

The intentionally horrendous fansite detailing the entire "history" of the Matt Hazard back catalogue is nearly indistinguishable from any of the slapdash Geocities fansites that cropped up to worship gaming franchises in the not-too-distant past. Followed by a bizarre blog and now a Matt Hazard Facebook page, the strange sequence of stunts finally resulted in actual game announcement.

Fortunately, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard is not a complete fabrication, like the marketing blitz surrounding it. In a recent GameSpot interview, D3Publisher's marketing manager Sam Guilloud shed some light on their odd homage to the last 25 years of gaming's history.

"The back catalogue of Matt Hazard assets we've released, including some eyebrow-raising box art, screenshots, websites, and other marketing materials, are here to remind us all of some of the most infamous moments in gaming history," said Guilloud. "As gamers ourselves, our intention has never been to flay sacred cows, but we also know that we're ready for some direct parody of the games and past marketing campaigns we all grew up with. Gaming's a lifelong hobby, so we want to tap into everyone who fondly remembers the milestones we've referenced."

Mission accomplished. The game itself appears to be as wacky and humorously-minded as the promotion efforts behind it. Stay tuned for more Matt Hazard shenanigans next spring.


Dammit, their ploy worked, I now really want this game.


I was hoping that some guy named Matt made edible lead or something...

what a wreid marketing strategy, the next thing were going to hear is that the game sucked compared to the inexistent precuel, jejeh.

what a wreid marketing strategy, the next thing were going to hear is that the game sucked compared to the inexistent precuel, jejeh.

Seeing as that seem sto be a common theme among gamers opinions today, tit might just happen. People are so easily fooled, after all (Go Theory of Suggestibility!)

Quite well done... not enough to warrant my interest, but still, very good ploy.

This has to be the most brilliant marketing ploy for a game I've ever seen. I'm actually kinda curious exactly what this game is going to be about. There definitely seems to be a "Tropic Thunder" style self-parodying sense of humor going on with this game.

At first I thought it was a bit idiotic; I mean, what would be the point in attempting to fake all this stuff?

Then I saw the fansite.

Seriously; its great stuff.

Heh. like the ploy. Quite clear that they are inspired by the Duke Nukem series (if you see the "fansite"). It actually reminds me of the marketing campaigne for The Blair Witch Project.
I will probably not buy the game or even play it (not my favorite genre) but who knows...

No joke, I actually have a freind called Matt Hazzard, oh how we laughed when we saw this

I never even heard of this until now and I think it's brilliant.

Dammit, their ploy worked, I now really want this game.

I'm the same, but I have no bloody clue why.

If all marketing campaigns were this great, I'd be excited for a great deal more games than I am now.

Matt Hazard and YES WE AM set the bars for what marketing campaigns should be from now on.


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