SouthPeak Games Nabs Gamecock

SouthPeak Games Nabs Gamecock


In a very surprising arrangement, SouthPeak Games announced today it has acquired the Austin-based Gamecock Media Group and will publish upcoming Gamecock titles including Legendary and Mushroom Men this year under its own label.

Commenting on the acquisition in a press statement, SouthPeak CEO Melanie Mroz said SouthPeak is excited to provide a bigger platform for the various gaming projects Gamecock has been working on. "Gamecock brings us a solid slate of upcoming titles, including Legendary, Mushroom Men, and Velvet Assassin, and supports our strategy of working with independent developers," she said.

Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson said the two publishers have kept a close eye on one another over the past two years, and combining their efforts will result in a strong force in the game publishing market.

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with SouthPeak to continue to bring great original titles from independent developers to market with a stronger sales and distribution reach," said Wilson.


Hold on a sec... There's a company that actually has Cock in its name, and it's working on a game called Mushroom Men? If this isn't an AO title, I'm going to be very surprised.

Wait, am I supposed to be calling Mike Wilson a sell-out now or is this some sort Blizzard-Vivendi arrangement where they operate like a Partnership? Or is it like EA's city-state nonsense where they want until someone sues them and then reveal that their contract still gives them all rights over the IP?


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