Why Dead Space's Dead Guys Are So Disgusting

Why Dead Space's Dead Guys Are So Disgusting


Ever wonder why those horribly mutilated bodies in Dead Space look so damn good? Here's the secret.

Glen Schofield, general manager at EA Redwood Shores and executive producer on the upcoming Dead Space, said in a new article for Edge that gore is a major part of the game's horror experience, and stressed that it was both very important and very difficult to do properly. "It's something that you've got to get right, because if you don't, the effect isn't horrifying, it's just ludicrous," he wrote.

"In the story of Dead Space, there was a war that happened on the ship before Isaac, the main character, gets there," he continued. "So he's going to find a lot of nasty stuff, corpses in various states of annihilation. We knew this would be difficult to portray, because sometimes gore in games looks cheap and unrealistic. Sure enough, the first few corpses that we did, just weren't convincing enough. I rejected them."

And when confronted by such adversity, what did the dev team do? They stepped up.

"This sounds horrible, but we had to go look at pictures of car accidents and war scenes and things like that because we had to get it right; we had to portray scenes of terrible carnage and realism. It's a big part of making that experience convincing," Schofield wrote. "The corpses that we ended up making are just horrible. When you see them like that, they're pretty disgusting. We had to have some gore to be sure that it was much more realistic then any game before."

Now that's what I call going above and beyond. Dead Space was released today for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and comes to the PC next week.


Well, that's commitment. Mental note: never work for a psychotic video game dev.

This just in: Dead Space developers shoot self in head with shotgun to properly document the splatter for future game.

Jeez though, these guysare determined.

It's probably weird that my respect for these guys went up rather than down after hearing this, but pfft, ah well.

Heh, I cam imagine them looking up pictures of mangled gory corpses and drawing sketches and writing down notes...Funny, but horrible. They definetly deserve more respect for being this determined.

Using appropriate source material?! Men after my own heart...

That is quite an extrodinary thing for the developers to do just to keep us, the great unwashed, happy and smiling (screaming in this case?).

I wish more game developers would go to lengths like these (yes, I am yet again looking at you FEAR).

So they did their research on 4Chan?

Not that I'm against realism in videogames but if it looks like some of the real-life gore I've seen, yes it will convey the effect well, but in turn I probably couldn't stomach playing it.

Want to know what a mangled corpse looks like? Look at a mangled corpse! My God it's brilliant!

Still, at least they did it rather than just guessing and hoping it looked good.

I wonder how they managed to find so many pictures of mangled corpses.

Go to Rotten or 4chan to find out. Now if they went to actual morgues, that would be commitment.

Yay! Someone shares my stance on violence that if violence is in a game it should be a big part of it. Kudos to these devs saying "Fuck Ragdoll physics - they make violent games suck".

Yahtzee mentioning something about how maiming doesn't make good talk around the water-cooler comes to mind, in an ironic way. Just would like to point it out.

Admirable... creepy, but admirable. Those poor guys must be pretty tramautized now.

Man, Dead Space is gonna be awesome...

EA: Always ready to do gruesome things to devs in order to sqeeze out a few extra realism points.

I wonder how they managed to find so many pictures of mangled corpses.

Type in mangled corpses on Google.
Or ask the local mortuary very nicely, although sitting in and drawing corpses is not the most comfortable experience in life...

I heard about that in JPod (a book), they were making a really gory game starring Ronald Mc Donald so they looked at pictures of murders and car crashes.

Seems fine to me (not the people who got killed...).


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