New Deus Ex Won't Be "Dumbed Down" For Consoles

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I really wasn't expecting anything stellar for a DX3 experience. Those quotes don't change that. If anything, I am more convinced than ever that this next iteration of the game will be just like DX2, just with different screw ups.

The formula for the first Deus Ex netted the game some of the best reviews and some of the most loyal fans of any game (I still have it installed right now), going with a different formula just doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense.

Developers seem all too eager to remove the RPG aspects from sequels to popular FPSRPGs. What, they're too much thinking for the average console gamer? The skilled points made things interesting! You could develop a whole unique style for yoru character. And if COD4-style regeneration is in it, then it's barely even Deus Ex anymore. You're not a man until you can get through Lebedev's airfield with both arms broken and one leg working on Realistic.

I think I speak for everyone when I say:

Glad to see they still just don't get it.

Oh god no please no no NO, my absolute worst fears have now been confirmed.

Once Fallout 3 has been released, enjoyed by most, and then forgotten, this game will take its place, and the cycle of bitter irrational hatred for something no-one has ever seen or played will start all over again...

Honestly, after reading that article I was thinking "that doesn't sound bad at all if it's done right - games like Halo and COD4 are fun but yeah, they could use lots more depth" but I know this view won't be popular.

i know its fallout three over again. its gonna come out and be godly and noone will aknowlage the critisisms before

I only hoped that would make it to PS2 and the chance of that is 0.0001% makes me sad.

Yeah, I'm not exactly jumping up and down in anticipation either, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, at least whilst I still have the receipt. I wonder what storyline they intend to chrun out of the four possible endings of Invisible War (excuse my language).

he deserves no benefit of any doubt. What he deserves is a lobotomy.

Deus Ex was damn near perfection, and this bastard slagged it off and is going to be implementing a cover system and an auto regen feature in this game, because obviously the regeneration augmentation wasn't good enough.

This game isnt getting dumbed down for consoles, it's getting dumbed down for the masses.

They might as well call it Gears of Halo Ex 3 ffs.

I really enjoyed the first one, and hopefully, this one will be just as good!

They might as well call it Gears of Halo Ex 3 ffs.

How about... Gex 3: Deep Cover Mechanic

I excelled myself on that one.

Everyone loves to hate cover based shooting. I didn't like invisible war because the AI was so crap that you could snipe anyone from ten feet away, then shotgun or smg anyone who came around the corner looking for you. And you could have all your biomods fully upgraded like halfway through the game. I did like that you weren't locked into stealth or computers or something, changing your approach on the fly seems interesting, but every approach was insultingly easy. I think if the AI can carve you up in ten seconds like DX 1, cover based shooting would work... as ONE approach. If stealth and such are gone... fuck you, Eidos

deus ex 1 is like my fave game of all time how can they say its not exciting or memorable sneaking around in air ducts preying the soldiers would not notice coz u only had 1 cross bow bolt left was heart pounding and as for memorable my password for the college network was bloodshot back then

invisible war wasn't bad ( i only played the pc version though) but it was lacking

one of the ways that the first game excelled was in allowing you to customise your play style
so you could make the game your own. personally i only ever used a pistol and dart gun and ran around
head shotting everything plus the story was awesome i literally had to go away and comeback after a good think b4 i made my decision at the end of the game.

I hope the new one is good but it might suck i'm not gonna get my hopes up too much we'll just see i suppose,

I saw a gameplay video of this a few weeks back and was dissapointed to see that there was no camera jolt/saway in response to movements, I really hope they add that in.

Also, the sheer size and open'ness of deus ex 1's levels was an excellent feature - deus ex 3 doesn't look like having that.

I don't know guys, that Sarif Industries adsite doesn't exactly quell my giddiness. Besides Invisible War didn't have Warren Spector on the roster; he distanced himself from that title after the first one. I think if he, the developer, was just driving on fumes(i.e. name recognition), he wouldn't emphasize cyber implants so much...

...although, that could be their way of explaining why the protagonist would be able to soak up so many bullets...

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