Dead Space: Downfall Coming Soon

Dead Space: Downfall Coming Soon

CAUTION: The above video and other links in this post are certified peanut-free, but may contain Dead Space spoilers.

Think a "zero gravity chainsaw fight" sounds awesome? Mark October 28 on your calendar and get ready for the release of Dead Space: Downfall, the animated movie prequel to EA's hit videogame creepfest Dead Space.

A deep space mining operation discovers a huge and mysterious alien marker on a remote planet, which many come to believe is evidence of divine creation. Following a sacrificial mass suicide driven by a wave of irrational religious fervor, Planet Security calls upon the ship ISG Ishimura to remove the marker and transport it for research. But when Ishimura Security Chief Alissa Vincent arrives at the colony, she discovers it has been savaged by an alien infection with an endless hunger for humans.

The animated film, produced by Film Roman of The Simpsons and King of the Hill fame, promises "superb artwork, nerve-wracking suspense, blood, guts, aliens and a zero-gravity chainsaw fight. Dead Space: Downfall takes survival horror to a gruesome new level."

Written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti, Dead Space: Downfall is the second part of the Dead Space story, which began with the six-part Dead Space comics prequel and climaxes in Dead Space, the new survival-horror game from EA. Dead Space: Downfall is set for release on October 28 on DVD and Blu-ray.


Not that I could do any better, but that's possibly the worst voice acting since Resident Evil 1.

Might be worth a rental.

Well, they did an amazing job with the 6 part animated comic. I hope this one is going to live up to that.

Well, they did an amazing job with the 6 part animated comic. I hope this one is going to live up to that.

Sadly at least personally i enjoyed the animated comic a lot more then Downfall.

I've got the movie, and it's pretty good for an animated horror movie. I would be impressed if they released a non-animated version of this movie.

Would probably cost a fortune as well, lol........


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