Epic Games To Be Bought By Legendary Pictures?

Epic Games To Be Bought By Legendary Pictures?


It seems the film financier feels the renowned Gears of War developer is a tasty morsel indeed.

Citing "multiple sources close to the companies," Variety reports this week negotiations are currently underway for Legendary Pictures to acquire Epic Games. Legendary previously signed on to co-finance the forthcoming Gears of War film, but it appears it has more than a passing interest in the successful video game developer.

"We have publicly announced that Epic and Legendary are partnering on the Gears of War movie. We're very excited about that project and have the highest regard for (Legendary founder) Thomas Tull and his organization," said Epic in a statement published today in the Triangle Business Journal. Neither company has commented regarding the reported purchase negotiations. Coincidentally, Tull recently resigned from the board of Brash Entertainment, a video game publisher he co-founded.

Legendary provided financing for this year's blockbuster The Dark Knight. The purchase, if it goes through, would make Legendary the first film financing company to throw money into videogames. With the solid Unreal Engine under its belt and Gears of War 2 set to ship, Epic would be a prize purchase for the company.

Epic had no comment about the rumor when contacted by The Escapist.


And so it begins...

Well, the writing on games might get better. Oh, wait. Legendary did "Beerfest" and "Lady in the Water" and a few comic book adaptations. Oh well.

This is actually all right in my mind. Any studio that produces 'The Dark Knight' is so super cool in my book they can do no wrong.

I wonder if this makes all of Epics games multiplat too. Mmmm.....

Now that they have an external sponsor they should be able to cover the losses caused by "pirates" and release the pc version for gears 2. Cliffy, how's the x360 version of gear 2 selling right now? What you mean it isn't out yet? The pirates are playing it now...

"So there's this game company called Epic Games..."
"So, wouldn't it be cool if we bought them?"
"Um... why?"
"I dunno... Legendary and Epic? How is that not cool?"
"Well, okay, but we need a better reason then that."
"Let's make a movie with them!"

this could be good and could be bad

i'll say the stories and such might get better

I liked Gears of War, but no narrative was ever less deserving of a film.

It could be interesting. Even, dare I say it.....no, I won't

this could be good and could be bad

i'll say the stories and such might get better

Maybe, most of the stories I've read about importing Hollywood writers to video games are giant disasters. They just put together a big script and walk away with their check. Non-linear narratives generally mean getting kicked around by a bunch of programmers and artists while you desperately try to keep levels and thematic elements intact. Any dumbass can write a cutscene, it's keeping the gameplay and narrative coherently together that's the problem. It takes a particular breed of bonkers to get that accomplished.

So Legendary Pictures meets Epic Games?

That's a lot of positive adjectives. :)


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