2008 Spike Video Game Awards Nominees Announced

2008 Spike Video Game Awards Nominees Announced


Spike TV has announced the nominees for the 2008 Video Game Awards, which will be handed out this year on December 14.

Along with the standard "Best" lists, categories for this year's awards include "Big Name In The Game" (both male and female), "Studio of the Year," "Independent Game Fueled By Dew" (as opposed to games fueled by things like determined optimism, creativity and hard work) and a user-selected "Most Anticipated Game." Ten brand new games will also make their world premieres as part of this year's VGAs, as every Wednesday leading up to the event, "Spike will go live with amazing premieres debuting at the VGA."

The show will air live on Spike TV at 9 pm on December 14, featuring a performance by none other than 50 Cent and the presentation of a special Gamer God award to Spore creator Will Wright. For a full list of nominees, and to cast your vote for the one game you just can't get to get your paws on, check out Spike's official Video Game Awards website.


so game of the year list looks.....well....sigh.

Gears of War 2
Fallout 3
Meta Gear Solid 4
Grand Theft Auto 4
Little Big Planet

Ill give that one to LBP for sheer spite of it being the only non-sequel game in the list

Best PS3 game...lets say LBP
Best Wii game...SSBB
Best 360 game...fallout 3

thats about all I would want to acknowledge from their list of games, and who I think will most likely win from the few lists I looked at

50 cent....can't wait to not watch.

Hold up a sec...

People watch Spike TV?

I'll put my money on GTA 4

These awards all ways suck.

I think halo 3 won it last year.

That says so much.

Here's how the game wins an award, it's a triple A title whose publishers paid Spike TV the most money.
I owe Spike TV no credit what-so-ever.

50 cent....can't wait to not watch.

I strongly second that. Also if they give any awards to MGS4 and GoW2 they will automaticlly go on my black list.

Looks as irrelevant as ever. After wasting 2+ hours on the first one, I see no reason to watch this year, or any year.


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