Mortal Kombat Voice Guy Says Stupid Stuff

Mortal Kombat Voice Guy Says Stupid Stuff


Maxim recently had a chance to sit down for awhile with famed Mortal Kombat narrator Hernan (or is it Herman?) Sanchez, and naturally they did what any of us would do: Recorded him saying stupid things.

Not stupid things like confessing to murder or revealing a plot to overthrow the Turks and Caicos, though; Sanchez was persuaded to turn his otherworldly voice from the blood-dripping narrations of Mortal Kombat to more nerd-friendly phrases, like "Epic Fail!" or "Tickle Him!" Sanchez did a total of eight goofy phrases, and Maxim was good enough to provide an embeddable Flash control which is sure to provide untold minutes of amusement.

Sanchez first appeared in the Mortal Kombat series over a decade ago, in the 1997 PlayStation/N64 release Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. Since then, he's worked on just about every Mortal Kombat title released along with Unreal Championship 2: the Liandri Conflict and Blitz: The League, yet while he's best known for his thunderous voice, he also boasts numerous credits as a character designer, modeler and animator. There is one point of confusion, however: Is this guy's name Hernan or Herman? Maxim cites him as Hernan, but numerous other online sources refer to him as Herman.

In either case, if the idea of hearing the Mortal Kombat voice guy say "Are you going to finish that?" seems funny to you, you'll find laughs galore at


Damn Parental Controls..Can't go to softcore porn sites

For reasons beyond mortal understanding, this is most awsome thing today.

My personal favorite is the one about Obama.


This kid of thing is always fun. Reminds me of when David Hayter used his Solid Snake voice during interviews and such.

Makes you powerful and distinct voice can be.

And the quotes a are awesome.

Definitely ripping them off the internet and having them as a text alert on my phone.

Yeah, that's awesome. Saw it in a vid someone posted, but hearing it yourself is cooler.


EPIC FAIL is my favorite one

I wish I could get that obama one

"Obama Wins. Flawless Victory."

hahaha that's awesome

tho still doesn't beat the thundercats outtakes where they were all swearing and cracking sex jokes but it's a close second

I love that. Now we need the Unreal Tournament guy to do one as well.


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