Cyber Monday Brings Gaming Deals Galore

Cyber Monday Brings Gaming Deals Galore


Black Friday is so last week. Grab your wallet and PC mouse today for Cyber Monday: a once-a-year online shopping extravaganza to soothe your inner geek.

Whether your passion leans toward videogames, gaming consoles, electronic gizmos, music, books, movies, or other forms of entertainment, today might be your lucky day to score some serious discounts. Fortunately, there's no need to tediously wait in line or trample over your fellow shoppers to get a swipe at hot holiday deals. Today only, hundreds of online retailers and websites are breaking out the major sales for Cyber Monday. All you have to do is lumber over to the computer (check!) and dive into the electronically enhanced shopping madness.

What better way to further stimulate holiday retail sales than to make up your own shopping-centric holiday? Hell, it worked for Black Friday. The term "Cyber Monday" was cooked up three years ago by - the online division of the National Retail Federation - in response to a perceived increase in online sales on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

"Many people who didn't want to fight the crowds or get up early to stand in line over the weekend have been waiting until Cyber Monday to start their holiday shopping," said Scott Silverman, executive director of yesterday. As one of the many consumers who elected not to brave the dangerous hordes of holiday shoppers this weekend, I totally get it. Plus, you can apparently get killed doing that sort of thing. Yes, I feel much safer shopping from the relative safety of my own home.

If you spot a particularly tasty deal, let us know!


This web site will help you get the best prices on all of your purchases on cyber monday (and after!)

It's a free service that tracks prices of products from online stores (like amazon) and sends you an email when the price drops. You can set a target price or be notified when it falls by a certain percentage. Might be a nice way to make sure you're getting the best deals this holiday season.

Hmm... I have never heard of Cyber Monday sounds pretty sweet! I'm gonna check this out, maybe get some nice deals.

No discounts on Quad-Cores >_< Still 180

No discounts on Quad-Cores >_< Still 180

Thats some balls right there.....


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