Burger King Serving Nintendo Goodies

Burger King Serving Nintendo Goodies


Even the most stalwart junk food resistors may find themselves considering taking the kids on a few trips to Burger King for a shot at nabbing all 10 of these cheap Nintendo collectibles.

Clogging your arteries with addictive, grease-laden delights really shouldn't be a routine enjoyed several times a week (or more), yet it just might be worth a brief stint of high cholesterol to pick up a few of the new Nintendo Wii-themed kids toys Burger King is offering in its Club BK kids meals.

Each of the 10 toys features a different Nintendo character and does "something awesome" like light up, flip, tumble, and race, among other things. Some of the old gang is here, including Samus Aran, Princess Peach, Mario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi. Ok, so damaging your health for a few pieces of crappy plastic isn't a good idea at all. Still, the cuteness of the toothy Chain Chomp, snarling Boo, and light up star Luma are hard to resist.


Awww!! I want the Boo and the chubby Luma!

awww... no wind-up Bob-omb?

Lvl 64 Klutz:
awww... no wind-up Bob-omb?

That would be awesome, but how much do you want to bet that people who don't play video games would think they are promoting violence and terrorism?

The chained chomp is amazing!
My word I am off to BK tomorrow!

The Chain Chomp would be perfect if it was a keychain. I can dream...

Now instead of using toys for evil purposes they are using gaming related toys. Way to go BK!

The Chain Chomp would be perfect if it was a keychain. I can dream...

That... that would be the greatest Keychain accessory ever

I... I must have it

I wish their was a chain chomp. I want the Boo and the Yoshi in a kart!

Oh shit.

Burger King just hit the jackpot. I garuntee their sales skyrocket.

Everyone hop on the Escapist tour bus. We're taking this baby to BK!

Slow News Day? Though a Chain Chomp keychain would be good.


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