Valve Releases Team Fortress 2 Update

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Is this patch for the 360 version aswell?

2: valve didnt do the ps3 port, ea did. valve doesent want anything to do with the ps3. gabe newell has continually been saying that the difficulty that comes from programming ps3 games isnt worth the extra time and effort. its not just valve that has said this, a shitload of developers and publishers have said the same thing. and contrary to what someone has said there ARE people at valve that can program for the ps3.

For the period in which he said that, it smacks of a Marine Biologist saying that theres nothing he can do to cure your wife, and he's going to have to kill her.

Is this patch for the 360 version aswell?

If you're lucky, they'll include the scout update along with the other stuff and do the next major PC update with the 360 update. Otherwise they may just do the updates up to yesterday for the 360, when they get around to it.


hope that an Engy isn't hiding behind it shooting them down.

I have the urge to get on an empty server and do some clay sticky shooting now...

I'm worried about Spies, a person obsessively playing spies can actually be OP sometimes, their new ability worries me a tad, but thank god for the demo-men, their sticky bombs ticked me off all the time.



"They also mentioned that work is progressing on a "massive" for TF2 on the 360"

So does that mean no update for PS3? I love TF2 but my PC isn't good enough so I have the PS3 version. It seems a bit unfair to neglect those people who went with Sony over MS.

It's too hard apparently, due to the fact there is no team that can code for the playstation working there, and xbox is apparently a lot easier to code for in relation to the regular PC version.

So they just give up. Come on Valve you're never going to stay on top if you give up if it's "too hard" grow a pair.

No. Too hard in the gaming industry has nothing to do with "growing a pair", it's all about cash to reward. Xbox is similar to PC, and PC is what they code updates for, their major player base. Ps3 is too different for a small bunch of developers like valve, and hence xbox gets updates while the ps3 doesn't.

It has nothing to do with xbox vs ps3, and everything to do with the PC as the platform, and the similarity between xbox and PC.


I may actually play TF2 again today. Ive been neglecting it beyond belief and that 6 Gig has just been sitting there.

I guess nerfing Demoman's sticky is a way for Valve to encourage players to put more strategy in their placement.

Yay! Updatin my dispensahs! Fantabulousity. I am pleased.

Any mention about when this "Massive Xbox 360 update" will come out. I'm getting bored of TF2 and it could really use an Xbox update soon.

Hoping for the 360 update'll have something good. Even if it's only the changes that this one PC update has, it would change playing styles and spice things up a little bit.

Thank god! A 360 update. Over 12 months too late but still...

If they fix the lag I might actually be able to enjoy it again.

FINALLY i had the orange box for the 360 for almost since it came out and now their updating the maps THANK YOU... go Valve

So long as spies can't backstab while cloaked, I have absolutely no problems with this update. Being a Scout/Heavy/Spy player, this is great news for me.

I guess nerfing Demoman's sticky is a way for Valve to encourage players to put more strategy in their placement.

That and to get everyone to shutthehellup.

There are some glitches though, when the exit for a level 3 teleporter is destroyed, the whiring lights stay up giving it the apperance that it is working.
Spies can't be overhealed and disguised as an enemy, becuase the overhead particles give them away; it's going to take some time for medics to realise this and leave me the hell alone.

You P.C. gamers always get the good stuff before us console gamers. I'm gonna update my P.C.

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