EA Unveils Dante's Inferno

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Dante is rolling in his grave. I think this is kinda sick, even for EA.

I think I liked EA better when they were just doing sequels for everything.

They're leaving the safehouse on this one.

For the MAD HOUSE, that is.

A quick update about Dante's Inferno (a.k.a Stab-man's adventures in Hell). The new trailer looks freekin' sweet. Let's be honest here, the bosses look like fun, and the main weapon is badass in the extreme.

But it's not Dante's Inferno. It's Stab-man's adventures in Hell.

EA, please rename this. Dante was not a crusader. He didn't use a scythe. There isn't a woman trapped in Hell, and I can't remember any of those bosses in the book.

Don't get me wrong, it looks like fun. That big mouth creature looks genuinely imaginative and would be a good fight if EA pulls it off, but the fact remains:

It is not Dante's Inferno. Stop calling it that.

Here is the latest trailer and an interview with the creator:



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