Little Sister Figurines Now Available

Little Sister Figurines Now Available


It's getting a bit last-minute for Christmas, but the new Little Sister figurine from Take-Two might be just the thing for the avid BioShock fan in your life.

Maybe that's starting to sound a little too much like the Sears catalog, but you have to admit it's a pretty cool accessory for anyone who bought the BioShock collector's edition. The figurines are cast in ceramic and hand-painted, and at three inches tall are designed to scale with the ridiculously cool (and huge) Big Daddy statuette that came with the CE. The Little Sisters are being produced in a one-time-only run, and are available for order exclusively online.

I have to confess that I love this kind of stuff. Naturally, I have the Big Daddy figurine; I also pre-ordered Dead Space while knowing virtually nothing about it simply because the bonus art book was sitting on the counter at EB. I imported a collector's edition of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. because it wasn't being released in North America. I ordered a Baldur's Gate 2 cloth map on eBay just so I could have one to hang on my wall while the original stayed in the box. I am, in short, a sucker for the tchotchke.

The odds of me getting one of these for Christmas? Not good. The odds of me spending quadruple the original price to buy one on eBay two years from now? Considerably better. If you'd like to pick one up at the regular price - that's ten bucks - before swag nerds like me drive up the price with our collector obsessiveness, you can get 'em while they're hot at the Take Two Store.

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Actually they're less creepy than in the game. I kind of want one now.

Wow, I really want one.

It's probably sad that I look at that and go, "Holy Crap! Only $10 for a collectible!"

Must have to go with my Big Daddy. Must.

Y'know, I was just thinking "Why not a Big Daddy figurine" when you reminded me that it was a CE thing. Which I couldn't afford the extra $10 for the CE at the time.

Now I'm incredibly sad. The only way I can get a Big Daddy is if McFarlane makes a Bioshock toyline.

...wait, why doesn't McFarlane make a Bioshock toyline?

If I had a Big Daddy figurine already, I suspect this'd be irresistable. But without it I'm not sure if it really makes sense to get one. (I don't remember ever seeing the CE for sale here, which is why I lack a Big Daddy.)

Any idea whether the Big Daddies will be available for purchase separately later on as well?


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