Stargate Worlds Store Goes Live, Game Still Uncertain

Stargate Worlds Store Goes Live, Game Still Uncertain


In what at first glance seems like a weird bit of timing, the Stargate Worlds Store has opened and is now offering all sorts of cool game-related apparel, while the future of the Stargate Worlds MMOG remains uncertain.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and even stickers are available for purchase, featuring the official Stargate Worlds logo as well as all-new designs made specifically for the store. T-shirts are available in multiple colors and designs for Soldiers, Goa'uld, Asgard, Jaffa and more, while the sweatshirt designs include a rather stylish hoodie with the Stargate Worlds logo printed above the left breast. More products are expected in the near future, and the Cheyenne Mountain team is also taking requests for particular items or designs.

The "store first, game later" approach may appear odd, but under the current circumstances it's not terribly surprising. Earlier in December it was revealed that the developer was essentially out of money, and that employees hadn't been paid for over three weeks at the time. (That no-pay period has now stretched to five weeks; keep an eye on the situation at There's been no update on the status of the studio or the game since then , and the studio may be looking to scrape up enough bucks to keep the lights on for a day or two longer by going live with the store now.

The stuff is a little pricey, but it's a win-win for Stargate-loving gamers. If Cheyenne Mountain is able to complete and release the game, you can take pride in having done your part to help them to the finish line; and if the whole thing collapses under its own weight and never sees the light of day, your sweatshirt or hat will skyrocket in both rarity and value, becoming an instant collector's item. So stop being so cheap and pony up a few bucks at the official Stargate World Store. You'll be a better person for it.


I'm so tempted to grab something there, gonna be honest. I do like most of Stargate, so it's kind of a win-win, since I have a bit of interest in the game as well.


they might have the gear so they can make some money

i just wish they still made the sunglasses Jack wore in the series

If I had a credit card I'd be buying stuff. SUPPORT THEM! Stargate worlds looks awesome! (Theres also game play footage in the movie Wargames: Deadcode if your an addict like me)

It is truly a sad thing to see good game developers struggle yet developers that creat horrible games on their 5th edition can keep going...

I am buying something from their store. Even if the game doesn't work or become popular at least they attempted to bring a Movie/TV Show to a MMO.

GL Cheyenne and those employees!

I bought the black Military Cap.... looks good for paintball too!

Man I'm so tempted to support this project. I wish I had the spare cash.

Well, it makes sense. Hopefully they'll sell enough stuff so that they can keep their office going.

I wish they had a Teal'c swim cap.

Like a brown rubber swim cap with a gold metal thing on the forehead. That would rock.

They're really missing a trick not making those. They could also make peach/pink coloured ones for Caucasian nerds.

If this game could be finished within my lifetime with a thoroughly happy and competent developer crew, I'd buy several CANCERS along with a tumor of the rectum.


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