Gold Unveils Debut Episode

Gold Unveils Debut Episode


Gold, a web series that debuted last month with a wonderfully funny prologue, has launched its first "real" episode - and two years after that sneak preview, things are very different for everyone.

A quick refresher: Gold tells the tale of five professional Goblins & Gold players in training for the world G&G Championship, at which they'll represent the United States against the other nations of the world, including their arch-rivals from the British team. After taking silver for three years running, the team is hungry for victory.

But all is not well within the ranks: Team captain Jonathan Drake is struggling with a devastating, possibly career-threatening injury, while the rest of the team works to come to grips with the erratic behavior and style of gaming superstar and prodigy Richard Wright. The G&G World Championship is just over five weeks away: Will the American team be ready to fight for Gold?

We've covered Gold previously, but with the launch of the "real" series, an update and a reminder to check this thing out is in order. The writing and acting are excellent, and the series is aimed squarely at people who have been there and played that - in other words, people like us. Watch the first episode, find out more about the story, the cast and crew and have a look at some great t-shirts at


Loved the 'fireball' scene.
" how we learn."

Awesome. Can't wait to see more!

It was good for a chuckle, I might check in a bit for the next episode.

Just a heads-up for everyone: the new episode of GOLD (Episode 2 - To Find a King) is live at . a brief synopsis:

"As the World Championship looms ever closer, Richard struggles to bring his disjointed team together, while Jon and Jackson come to terms with their exclusion from the games. Meanwhile the British team learn of the new American line-up, which forces them to re-think their strategy, and Cissy confronts Jon about his attitude toward her and his injury."

The plot is unfolding, and you get your first glimpse at the British team. Please enjoy.


Creator, GOLD
can you take the hits?


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