Superman Meets Skyrim In New Machinima

Superman Meets Skyrim In New Machinima

Tyrannicon has returned with another Skyrim-based vignette, this time smashing Bethesda's epic roleplaying title with DC Comics' Superman mythos.

What do you get when you cross a newly-released superhero flick with an aging, yet undeniably impressive graphics engine? Apparently the answer is that video you see embedded at right.

That's the work of Tyrannicon, a group of animators whose work generally appears on Nerdist. Normally I wouldn't mention sites that could ostensibly be competition for The Escapist (the higher ups hate that), but it's important to realize that Nerdist is the website/media venture founded and operated by Chris "Former Host Of MTV's Singled Out" Hardwick. Why is this important? Both because Hardwick provides the voice of Superman/Clark Kent in this video, and because I find his former life as an MTV VJ to be unreasonably hilarious.

Back to the video though: It was sent to us by reader Shaun Weir, and while we normally don't toss up every gaming-related video we receive (there are lots), this one is just plain well-crafted, so I couldn't resist. The editing is quite good, the sound effects are appropriate for the medium, and the machinima's storytelling chops are fully realized. Plus, as much as you'd expect this thing to lift ideas from the new Man of Steel, it's more prone to steal story beats from the Reeves-era Superman films, and we appreciate an affection for the work of Gene Hackman.

You're the general public though, so what do you think? Too stiff? Too geeky? Comments below.

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Heh, couldn't help chuckling at the way the hologram malfunction caused Jor-El's speech to become progressively more Brando-slurry. :7

Throfgar sounded less like Lex Luthor and more like Bane.

Hehe, that was entertaining to watch. I chuckle when Spuerman mention that Skyrim needed more quests.

Lessons learned from this:

1) Superman is actually a space core
2) He shoots lasers from his chest
3) Nuclear baby is a thing


That was hilariously absurd.


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