2K Marin: Screenshots Don't Do XCOM Shooter Justice

2K Marin: Screenshots Don't Do XCOM Shooter Justice


2K's Morgan Gray hopes gameplay videos will dispel misconceptions, but doesn't have a new one to show yet.

"I think as more gameplay videos come out and people see [The Bureau: XCOM Declassified] in motion I think the misconceptions are going to give way," says 2K Marin's Morgan Gray, adding that "screenshots don't really do the game justice." The Bureau is as much tactical squad combat strategy as shooter, Gray says, with you in charge as squad leader. You'll be using your tactics to unlock the battlefield 'puzzle', working out how to use your powers to your best advantage. Run and gun will not work for you; not unless you want the dirt nap early retirement plan.

If you were hoping for a video, there aren't any new ones yet; there's an older one over here. It's even got what Gray describes as a "learning moment," where incautious tactics gets the player in a heap of trouble. You need to be "that battlefield leader out in the field of action," according to Gray, "and then using leapfrog tactics, coordinating fire, assessing flanks, pressing your initiative and advantage based off the opportunities that you create." When not out in the field you'll be back at the base, working out what to do next, carrying out research, or maybe just licking your wounds. "The base is a big prominent gameplay mechanic," says Gray, "it's your social hub, you'll go back to it, you'll be recruiting agents from it."

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, for current generation consoles and PC, will be out August 2013.

Source: VG24/7


Sounds like he's relying on people having ADD.

The base is a big prominent gameplay mechanic"

Show us!

Even that old footage/interview makes the game look pretty brutal. Bullet damage seems significant to encourage XCOM-ey style play, the squad health was never able to be topped off, and the enemy AI reactions were pretty well done. Bureau looks to be shaping up much better than anticipated!


The base is a big prominent gameplay mechanic"

Show us!

It sounds like they're waiting for some polish on it, then I expect they'll give us a massive knowledge bomb in a month or two, much closer to the pre-holiday season. The team learned all about how to make/avoid massive mistakes with FPS XCOM Round 1. When they release their next vid expect it to be all hands on deck.

Capchta: milkshake
[XCOM's] milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

Pcgames from Germany were already allowed to play the game.


To be honest I haven't expected much after it got suddenly announced "new" and was positive surprised. The Bureau is pleasing tactic even if it is too easy on "normal". Control and difficulty are still in development. The 60s feeling is there and even some XCOM-Coreelements are in the game like the coversystem, the skills and classes and the USA-map with the missions. Sadly one can not expand the headquarters and the research isnt influenceable either.

I am sorry for the translation errors and if you dont understand something please ask.

From the full article I have the feeling it will be a little bit Fallout 3 mixed with Mass Effect

Sorry, i have been ignoring XCom for a while now, but that screenshot made me think 'My, Kevin Levine's already working on Bioshock 3?'


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