Fable III Drops To $0 For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

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Fable 3 huh?

Couldn't they just offer Duke Nukem Forever or Colonial Marines?

I'd rather they offer a game I'd actually be willing to try, though I'm still not sure F3 qualifies.

Earnest Cavalli:

The only caveat here is that this particular leg of the promotion only lasts until June 30, so if you want to pick up Fable III for free, you'll need to do so within the next two weeks.

Given the above....

In a big picture sense, the real story here isn't the free game, but is instead Microsoft's attempt to go head to head with Sony in this particular promotional realm.

I would highlight "attempt." I mean, a two-week window to download a game vs titles that stay around for months (It's only recently that games from when I started Plus started getting removed)? I definitely like Sony's version better. I've found a lot of stuff I like, and that's on top of better and more bountiful deals.

Half-assing this only draws negative comparisons overall.

Revolving? Aren't all previous PS+ special offered games always free?

Sony's deals have an expiration, but you can get a solid library the minute you subscribe because they're available for several months at a time. What you were told previously about being yours as long as you're a + subscriber once you bought them is true; I've downloaded several titles just to have access to them in case I decide I want to later.

I really liked Fable 3, and the second, and the first. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time downloading it from LIVE while I'm in Korea. Anyone have any suggestions?

This game was much better than I expected I definitely liked it more than Fable 2.
Sure there's tons of glitches that aren't in the original release but for free this couple hour journey is pretty enjoyable.

Seriously? Fable 3 was a decent game. Everyone did the same thing and believed Peter instead of just going "it'll probably be Fable with more features". I don't get how you can complain.

I already have this, but you can't argue with that price. As said above, it's no Fable 2, but it's got it's moments. Just don't mention the ending...

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