Oculus Rift Starts Spending Its $16 Million Investment Capital

Oculus Rift Starts Spending Its $16 Million Investment Capital


New employees? Yes, please!

The folks at Oculus Rift have already started spending the $16 million the Virtual Reality goggles gaming company managed to raise, and a chunk of it is going to hire new staff; "the best and brightest we can find," says Oculus Rift's Brendan Iribe. Oculus is mainly interested in engineers and hardware techies, but there are spots open for others, even writers and communication managers, so long as you live in California.

The dev kit won't change much, says Iribe, but the software will. The Oculus Rift is still heavily focused on PC development, but while it doesn't yet support consoles, Iribe has said that the company's looking at doing so in the not so distant future, as well as mobile devices. Last week Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said that he'd tried out an Oculus dev kit and loved it; perhaps PlayStation compatibility is in Oculus' future.

But Iribe isn't about to spill too many beans about Oculus' future plans. "We're always evaluating the options and looking at what's best for delivering the best experience," said he, "and right now ... we want to continue to hire an incredible set of people."

Source: Engadget


But Iribe isn't about to spill too many beans about Oculus' future plans.

But they are spilling some beans. And that's what I like most about Oculus Rift: they're keeping the general public reasonably informed of their plans and progress.

If one of the "big name" electronics companies had been developing this, we wouldn't have heard anything about it until the corporate-approved adverts started airing on SyFy. They'd be too afraid of a competitor coming in and stealing their idea.

Whereas Oculus is giving updates to the media, using news releases as free marketing. It's rather brilliant and has certainly gotten my attention.

To be honest the first thing I would have bought is enough playpen balls to fill the office, then go swimming for 2 days.

Then hire the best and brightest.

For that kinda money they could by the entire Australian games industry.


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