Injustice Meets Its Aural Roots In Fan-Crafted Mashup

Injustice Meets Its Aural Roots In Fan-Crafted Mashup

What do you get when you replace the sound effects in Injustice: Gods Among Us with those found in Mortal Kombat?

You get that clip at right.

This vignette comes to us courtesy YouTube user "The Jovenshire," and while it's an interesting proof for a thought experiment surprisingly common to Injustice fans, there are a few caveats to the clip. First, as much as I understand the drive to try to monetize and grow a brand, even on YouTube, the best parts of that video are all over by the 2:10 mark. The rest of the thing is just the video's creator thanking fans and throwing propers to his internet friends. If you're into that kind of thing, please enjoy, but otherwise you can just kill the video there and jump down to the comments.

Second caveat: This video reminds me of one of my biggest, most intensely petty gripes about Injustice: Gods Among Us. If you read my review of the fighter, you know that I'm a big fan of what developer NetherRealm Studios has done there, but that's not to say it couldn't be better.

Case in point: Scorpion recently leaped from the Mortal Kombat universe to Injustice as the title's third DLC character, and overall he's a fantastic addition (even if most people online have no idea how to deal with the ninja's teleport antics). That said, watching this clip and seeing Dan Forden pop up with his iconic "Toasty!" bit every time Scorpion does something particularly awesome just makes me realize that this should have been in Injustice from the start (or, at least, from the point where Scorpion entered the fight). It just doesn't feel right igniting some jerk with skull flames and not having a goofy-lookin' white dude's head celebrate the event on my behalf.

Otherwise, this clip is pretty solid and stands as a definitive answer to a question that nobody ever asked. Still, this is the internet. Objectively pointless, momentarily amusing ephemera is our bread and budget brand margarine.

Comments below. Air your thoughts.

Source: YouTube


Eh. If this is the intro video to the series, count me out. This is what happens when you start with an idea and then never bother to do anything with it besides hold it up and say "Hey guys! Look at this idea I had!" There was no attempt to play with the crossover, no attempt to give us a reason to be interested, just... sound effects. Moved to another game that's similar. Yeah.

would be interesting if it wasn't for the fact that scorpion is already in injustice, and that there was already a game with the characters injustice vs the characters of mortal kombat.


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