Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM Restrictions - UPDATED

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So much strangled stumbling attempted hate in this thread.

Microsoft DID SOMETHING RIGHT, in a quantity that took EVERYONE by surprise (yes, including you). Can we not just have a one-thread siesta before we go right back to "no, screw you" or "now get rid of the Kinect"?



I would give them props... if they did this at ALL for the benefit of their customers.

But they didn't. They did it because Sony pre-orders were reportedly 11-to-1 over XBone preorders, and because the social media outcry reached a crescendo.

See my above post. I'm not saying we should throw ourselves into the arms of Microsoft (they haven't earned it), but still, CONSUMER VICTORY! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

They still got to get rid of the Kinect requirement and knock 100 bucks off the price tag to make it competitive with the PS4. Also, they are still obsessed with Windows Glass technology that depends on an $800 peripheral.

Whoa. That's a hell of a turnaround.

Still not gonna get it because I have no room for a Kinect, but at least this thing's not the Bane of Gaming anymore.

For the last time, all of the Amazon prices on the as-of-yet unpriced consoles are PLACEHOLDERS.

Did you watch/read E3 news? The prices were announced, and what stores etc are using from what I understand, are those prices.

I guess the digital gaming is delayed for another 10 years then... Shame.
Welcome back 60$ games. It may even go higher, I heard the prices of the plastic are going up.

Except that digital versions will still be available the same day as physical copies for those who still want to waste their money (if you want to buy overpriced digital copies Games on Demand already gives you that option on XBL). Or you buy a pc and never have to sully yourself with a corporeal copy again, and actually get them for a decent discount.

Unrelated point: if Microsoft can disable this system with a simple patch, then hackers would've broken it in no time at all anyway.

Say it loud and there's music playing! Say it soft and it's almost like praying...

You've made the right decision, Microsoft. I'm not settling up with an Xbone just yet, but I'm more intrigued now than I was.

Smiley Face:
Well, this would be welcome news, were it to be confirmed, and if I trusted Microsoft at all to keep its word, which I don't. In all likelihood (I don't know much about these things), the Xbox One's hardware is finalized, and this will just be a shift in the firmware. If Microsoft can pull this requirement, there's no reason that they can't add it again via firmware update once they've got a solid user base - they've already demonstrated enough sheer stupidity and disregard for their consumers that I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled a move like that.

Still, if it happens, it will be a good move - but it shouldn't buy back all their lost goodwill.

Most countries have laws that would allow the customer to return their console if that were to happen, so M$ would loose their customer base overnight. Not to mention the public backlash, it'd make the XBone reveal look good.

OT: I'm intregued, I'll let the fans be the testers to see how it works, but if it does work then I might get every console next generation like this one.

While it's good that MS did this, but I'm still not planning on getting one. Me and the 360 had a rocky relationship, I'm not a fan of many of MS' first party ips, and I have a feeling a lot of early games will require the Kinect 2 for gimmicks. Still, if they announce that you don't need Xbox Gold to play online then maybe- phf yeah right...

In fairness, well done Xbone... we may yet have some competition in the games market now. That's good because it drives the price down generally. To a certain extent the damage may be done, but my mates and I, who are at uni and simply lack the type of constant online you want, may now consider the Xbone at least.

So you may yet claw back some sales.

You spin me right round, baby, right round. Like a hurricane when we go...*cough*

Anyway, so the Xbone has pulled a 180, but I'm still concerned that it'll manage a full 360 and we'll end back up right where we started in a few months. Basically, they say: oh we're going back...until after launch. These were aspects Microsoft wanted to include originally and seemed for the most part very loyal to, the capacity for them will probably still be built into the software, so what's to say they don't go back on their word once the purchases have been made, units are moved, and their stock goes back up?

I don't know. But I'm either buying a PS4 for their awesome looking exclusives or just sticking with my PC, depends on my wallet at the moment. Their treatment of their customer base has frankly been abominable and while this might seem like a capitulation, I look upon it with suspicion. So, ta-ta Microsoft, better luck next round.

Sorry Sony, I was with you for all of 1 week. But I can't be dealing with your controller. The only thing that put me off Xbox One was the online every 24 hours, now they've done away with it, I'll buy one.

Also, do you think they did this just so they could watch a Jimquistion on it? Granted it will still be scathing, but it'll be a u-turn nonetheless.

Well, I still won't be getting it for a while, probably not until a price drop. Part of me is breathing a huge sigh of relief since I might not be forced to say goodbye to Halo forever, rather it may just be a see you later.

However another part of me let out a sigh of disappointment as that part was hoping the xbone would crash and burn so Halo could potentially be released from its console prison.

So can this just be called the "Xbox 180" because they did just that. Basically they saw how totally XbOned they were, and they flipped and reneged on their policy to save face and the failing of their company. Without that change, they would have lost the "console war" before that war for that generation ever picked up pace (it technically already started with the French-like actions of Nintendo: mild and uninteresting).

I have a bad feeling that Microsoft just wanted to get all this free PR from everyone by pissing them off, and now that we know that they're not pulling this shit anymore, we're supposed to forgive them and buy it because we haven't spent any time thinking about the PS4 or Wii U very hard. I mean, if they had actually managed to pull this off, then, well, that would have been good for them too!

Maybe they should change the name to the Xbox One Eighty.

you got a legit chuckle out of me. congratulations.

OT: looks like they decided not to go through with their suicide. either that or they were actually as stupid as they looked and just happened to have a moment of clarity which may help them regain some of their customers. the damage to their reputation has been done though. there's no backpedaling out of that.

Am I missing something obvious here? Because doesn't the XBox still require all games to be installed from the disks to the console? So the game executes from the console not the disk? Which somehow makes me think that turning off all of the DRM features might not be quite the ease that this seems to imply? Granted at this stage I am probably just being paranoid, but something there rings a little less true than normal. I can't escape the feeling that this is simply a moment of "Promise the little bastards anything! We've already fallen off the top 25 preorders on Amazon damit! Worry about how to actually do what we said we would later... after we have their money!"

Augh and backwards we go. I was kind of looking forward to sharing and recycling a digital license. Never having to use a disc, having my library with me on any system. O well maybe next gen they'll get it figured out. Or somehow patch in the always online functionality back in .

Microsoft is buggered on this one. The people that refused to by the One because of DRM still aren't going to trust the change in attitude. The few people who didn't care about DRM but really like the no-media approach to games are going to be pissed that the functionality has been removed. Then there are the people who still don't trust the Kinect requirement, and the people who would rather save $100 and get a PS4.

Xbox isn't going to die from this, but it's certainly going to get a beating. My guess is it's going to be like Nintendo after the Gamecube. Struggling to regain a foothold and in desperate need of a big winner.

And big surprise, the boneheads at Gizmodo are already complaining about the whiny nerds and "haters" ruining what was going to be a great console:

Wonderful news!

I'm really glad on behalf of the people who are buying an xbox one.

For me, however, it is the Kinect that is killing the console. Still, these are great news :)

Still getting a PS4, but that's for me simply liking playstation better in general. However, good on Microsoft for finally listening, and Don not saying something simply was him speaking out of his ass. At any rate, it's a good day in gaming history people. We've proven that the gamers have the power, not the puclishers, developers, or console creators. Gamers control the industry, and their voice is mighty enough to shake even Microsoft. That should be a lesson to all those power hungry publishers. In time, I might consider getting an Xbone, but after a price drop, I still want a Wii U first. I'm too poor for multiple consoles at the moment.

Well that just sucks. Loss of the huge benefits of a completely digital distribution method, including game sharing, for the gain of not having to deal with connecting to the internet every 24 hours (which I'm going to do if I'm using my console anyway). It's nice that region locking is gone, but overall a very disappointing move.

Am I the only one who's annoyed by this trade-off? Personally, two of the feature's I was most looking forward to were the ability to share games online with friends and family and the ability to play installed games without the disk, which have been removed along with always online requirement. I mean, the disk thing is just a matter of preference, but I live on the opposite side of the country to my family and quite a few of my gaming friends so just handing them the disk isn't really an option. This was going to mean I'd still be able to share games with my sisters and let my friends try out a game I've been raving about.

Now, instead of there being three fairly different consoles for three fairly different purposes (with Sony and Nintendo reprising their roles from the previous generation and MS having a more online-integrated approach) we're now back exactly where we were for the last two generation but just a little bit prettier; Nintendo is playing off in it's own little corner doing it's fun Nintendo stuff and PS and XB are both playing essentially the same kind of games with naught but a few exclusives separating them and trying to cater to the same audience.

If I wanted what the XBone is now providing, I'd have been planning to buy the PS4 as they're doing it cheaper and just as well (even if I dislike their controller). Now I'm just kinda left with a sour taste in my mouth at my ability to choose the kind of console I wanted taken away from me...

yeah I'm miffed by that too. the biggest, coolest, most interesting feature this whole console generation is gone. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. god damn it this in not a victory this is a loss. god fucking dammit I hate the internet sometimes. it's shit like this that makes me ashamed to be called gamer it really does.

I knew it too, as soon as my friend told me why they changed I told him to mark my words and the cool sharing feature would be pulled. why? it's to easy to abuse with out the DRM. A feature like that can't exist with out some sort of system of checks to make sure it isn't abused. I thought that would be clear and understood. so much for my hope in the community. Fuck.

Still getting a PS4, but that's for me simply liking playstation better in general. However, good on Microsoft for finally listening, and Don not saying something simply was him speaking out of his ass.

I wouldn't really congratulate them for this. They didn't listen when people were speaking out. They tried to defend their awful policies or spin them into something positive. Change only happened because people were actually backing up their protest for once by not pre-ordering the the thing in the numbers they expected. Wallets forced them into this, not words.

Guess it's a good thing for Xbox fans, but I have no intention of buying one with someone elses money. If they could switch it off this easy, they can switch it back on just as easily. Their mistake, in marketing terms, was trying to force too much at once. I don't doubt they'll still try to implement all their DRM malarkey, just slower and in smaller bites. There is no word about them reversing the decision to force you to waive your right to bring a lawsuit against them and they still want to put a Kinect in your living room.

So how will the shared game library work now?
Will it still even be there?

So how will the shared game library work now?
Will it still even be there?

This is what they're saying about the change:

These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One. The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.

Not exactly crystal here.

Some things I still want
1. drop the kinect and they can drop $100 off the price
2. An apology from Don Mattrick (or his resignation) for his blatant insults about backwords compatibility and everyone being online, pretty sure Adam Oorth (the deal with it guy) got fired for less dickishness.

Do those 2 things and I might consider buying an xbox 180.

Good for you Microsoft, but first impressions count for much (to me the Xbone still crap) and I'm sorry, I'm still not getting your VCR unless it get a price cut and drops the kinect.

Well, good on ya for finally listening, I suppose. I'm still not getting it (or any new console) any time soon though, if ever. I think you've pretty well shot yourselves in the foot at this point, Microsoft...and I don't entirely trust your reversal. So we'll see.

I'm willing to forgive, but I will never forget.

I'll breathe easier when I hear the words; "We're not going to force internet connection to play games." This seemed slightly more towards the "We'll think about it" side.

So what? They've reversed their decision for now, but what about later when they've suckered people into buying their "cloud based games" at possibly discounted prices instead of disc based media? They'll just turn around and implement all the shit everyone was hating on from before.

And it still has the "Big Brother is watching you" issues.

Don't want.

Microsoft and especially the Publishers in your bed who undoubtedly pushed for the DRM, listen well.

Do not fuck with your market base lightly.
Some of us aren't the mindless raving game addicts you think we are.
Some of us can think. Some of us can talk and even convince.

So the next time you feel like yanking our chain for some sort of "effortless profit scheme" again remember this one simple fact: You need us more than we need you.

WOW power to the people indeed :D now with that DRM shit gone I think I will be willing to be a "test dummy" for the "day one" console... of course Xbox can change back it's policies anytime in the near future tho :S

What happened to that whole, "Infinite power of the cloud" thing that they were going on about? Hey, Microsoft, you said that it required internet so that devs could use cloud processing to make the game even better! Wasn't that supposed to be one of your big selling points?

I jest of course, it's still going to be an overly expensive cable box that I won't be able to use because I'm not in the states.

Still not going to get one. Any one remember that god awful announcement press conference?

I had really hoped that xbox one would release with all the restrictions it had cause I really wanted it to lose so big that it would bankrupt the console part of Microsoft. I can still pray that they fail from the vastly huge price differences and hopes that they try to do something dumb like go all digital sales to try and compensate for having to retract their trading and used policies, cause you know if they went all digital they wouldn't cut the prices on the games like other digital distributors do. Ah even as I have been a long time xbox 360 owner I do have visions of xbox one being heaped into giant holes in the Earth like the E.T. for Atari.

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