March of War Dieselpunk Title Puts Players In Charge Of Story

March of War Dieselpunk Title Puts Players In Charge Of Story

Over 100,000 Facebook Likes will launch this dieselpunk wargame title.

Free-to-play developer ISOTX, creator of the Iron Grip strategy series, has turned to Facebook for Likes, as part of its campaign to get turn based episodic wargame title March of War off the ground. ISOTX is looking for 100,000 Likes before March of War goes to market, and is hoping for a July 2013 release. The episodic nature of this title's releases is key to March of War's ongoing campaign to conquer the world, or at least a segment of the marketplace. "We believe gamers will appreciate and look forward to themed monthly updates," says ISOTX's Vincent van Geel. "Our goal is to establish a long term commitment with the March of War community."

This is free-to-play alternate history wargaming with a strong dieselpunk 1940s vibe. The war's been grinding on for fifty years with no sign of peace. African war elephants are beating back the old European colonial oppressors, the Shogun Empire's sitting pretty in the Pacific, Latin American Juntas are holding their own, and the Soviets and the United Republic are glaring at each other. That's the core game, but ISOTX wants to keep this heavily player-driven. The pilot episode will only be revealed after the players have had a chance to get used to the game's universe - hence the 100,000 Likes gambit - and after that, the players get to choose what content appears in future episodes, based on a theme provided by ISOTX. Every first Thursday of the month will see a new episode release, and you'll have the option of battling it out with the AI or playing online - co-op or head-to-head - multiplayer.

This one's due for PC and Mac at the moment; there's plans to take this to Android and iPad later on. If you're interested in its Facebook campaign, have a look over here.


We want to make sure that we take off with at least 100,000 guaranteed players at launch, and the only system capable of delivering such solid, infallible data to us is the Facebook "Like" system.



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