Adam Orth To Give Speech On Online Toxicity

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Adam Orth To Give Speech On Online Toxicity


The former Microsoft creative director is best known for his dismissive comments regarding Xbox One's "always-online" requirement.

Adam "#dealwithit" Orth will be giving a speech that explores "toxic online behavior" and why he left Microsoft at this year's GDC Next. The content of his speech is somewhat ironic, considering the controversy that arose following his own toxic Twitter comments telling opponents of "always-online" to "deal with it."

"Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an 'always on' console. Every device now is 'always on' #dealwithit"

While the initial comment doesn't seem all too toxic, what angered a lot of gamers was Orths dismissive, almost insulting follow-ups to legitimate concerns regarding always-online. When critics presented the argument that a considerable percentage of the population has zero or poor internet coverage, Orth said "Those people should definitely get with the times and get the internet. It's awesome," adding "Why on earth would I live [in a place with poor internet coverage]?"

Orth subsequently resigned from Microsoft following the controversy. Whether the resignation was entirely Orth's decision or "encouraged" by Microsoft is unknown.

The "always-online" requirement was just a rumor at the time. Although it did turn out to be true, Microsoft has recently done a one-eighty on that decision following considerable public and critical outcry. Microsoft can probably thank Orth in part for at least some of that outcry.

Orth will give a talk titled "Mob Rules: The Destructive Power of Opinion and Online Community." GDC Next takes place November 5-7, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Source: Game Politics


Destructive power of opinion and online community?

You mean potential customer feedback? I would've though that that would be really helpful for anyone trying to sell people a product. Millions of people telling you exactly what you want out of your product...

Online toxicity is no worse than real life toxicity. If someone makes a stupid comment in front of a crowd, that crowd will react badly. Do the same on the Internet and you will get a similar response. In fact, you could say real life is worse since people can and will act up in destructive ways that they can't on the Internet.

Also, Adam, grow up and leave the past behind. You had your chance and failed.


Deal with it ?

*koff koff*

Come on you all want to say that, dont lie now :P

How 'bout a speech instead about Getting in touch with your customers?

Adam Orth should learn to distinguish between toxic behavior and people disagreeing with him...

"Mob Rules: The Destructive Power of Opinion and Online Community."? That had better not mean what it sounds like, because if this moron goes to GDC and spends all his allotted time whining about people not rolling over for big companies and spewing the same nonsense he has built a reputation for I'm gonna lose all respect for the event. Even if its more about "Toxicity" in the sense of people being assholes, he is in no position to talk after the things he has said.

It seems like he still needs to learn that people aren't just hating him because he is online, but because his stance is stupid. I hope the audience will heckle him!

I love how that image has become somewhat of a symbol for Microsoft's classism.

i now declared gdc the has been convention.

Heh, who's trolling whom Mr. Orth? Honestly, the name of your talk should be retitled "Sour Grapes & How I Couldn't Screw My Fanbase."

Also, the title: "Mob Rules: The Destructive Power of Opinion and Online Community." How pretentious can you get?

Since when are my 1st Amendment Rights a "destructive power" that hearkens the demise of civilization? That's not to say everything ever said is sacred, but the right to say it is.

This should be interesting. I take it GDC is open to journalists only? Therefore rabid anti-Xbone people aren't likely to be there to heckle him.

I hope someone asks about his stance on the One80 and how it's pre-orders were being curb-stomped by the PS4.

Right, time to trot this one out:
Is it too much to hope that someone shouts this in the middle of the speech?

Look, don't get me wrong here. I normally applaud such efforts, as I wish the internet could be a more civil place. That said, this particular incident sounds like it has more to do with the lingering bitterness of the speaker than an actual intelligent discourse on the topic.

The irony is palpable.

I think I've seen this before... Yep! Found it.

Honestly, I hope someone asks him exactly how being a pretentious dick to the people who financially support his ex-place of employment worked out for him. And then laugh and laugh and laugh...

"The destructive power of opinion and online community"? Err, what? So freedom of expression is evil now?

Doesn't sound like ol' Adam is #Dealingwithit too well.

Might tarnish my rep for this one, but.. What an utter twat! Yes, let's all gather up and live in a megapolis with flawless (nosuchthing) internet connection. FFS! I'm sure all the farmers and ranchers just love your train of thought. You know, the people that provide you with nonsensical items like food and clothing. Or do you download those too, mr Orth?

So I expect his speech will be a roughly 90 minute whine and dine pity party about how the mean old nerds on the internet got him fired and ruined the Xbone.

I've got some online toxicity for him *points to crotch* right here! ...No seriously, I've got a ziplock-bag of battery acid taped to my inner thigh to throw at people just like this guy.

Didn't he try to explain it all away as "joking"? Doesn't seem like he finds it so funny now.

It's not really mob rule without at least one physical lynching.

Adam the xbone isn't always online.


Adam Orth, if you are reading this, I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire internet on the fact that we have opinions. I promise that from now on, we'll do our best in buying anything big corporations try to sell us, even if it's fresh poo on a stick for a thousand euros.

look everyone, adam orth is about to perform his signature trick, he's going to talk out his ass.

this jackass honestly doesn't know when to give up, but he has a certain amount of sway in the industry and like it or not he's gonna use that power to bitch and moan about the evils of people with opinions who react to his childish baiting and trolling. it's incredible that Mr. Toxic himself is giving this farce.

Someone please go to his speech and yell out #dealwithit

I don't think theres that much overlap in the population that doesn't have a stable internet connection and the population that would be a potential customer for a Xbox One. Sure, it sucks you can't play your games when your connection is out, but that happens like one day in a year on broadband.

And as I said in one of the other threads, he looks like Shaun from Assassins Creed.

We need too make this happen, a cadre of people in the audience of his speech shrieking "DEAL WITH IT!" at the top of their lungs every single time he whines about people not liking his opinions. That'd be -perfect-

This is like giving a bully a job in doing a presentation on the effects of bullying, or a wolf the job of telling how eating sheep is bad. The fact that someone is putting a microphone in this guy's hand is ridiculous. He said some things about a completely impractical idea on his company's part, and unsurprisingly people didn't like it.

He holds an idiotic and plutocratic opinion that doesn't reflect reality. He's spent too much time in a place where such luxuries were commonplace, and has become deluded into thinking that everywhere in the world is like him. The truth is that very few are in such a situation.

Next up, the Pope, speaking on the dangers of paedophilia.

I kid. But really. This is just immature. You say a stupid thing, people lambast you for it, and they should, too. It's not like someone just turned on the ol' Internet Hate Machine and formerly reasonable people started spewing vitriol at a decent proposition. There's a point where you're meant to revise your position and realise that what you're saying is ridiculous.

You're less than worthless, Adam Orth.

I hope his entire speech is drowned out is a sea of mocking, booing and/or chants of "shut the fuck up!".

Either that or a completely empty room ... till somebody throws a tumble weed in the room.

Companies are in the business of making us want there products so they can get our money, so they should make products we want ... us shredding the xbone is a good thing to them, isn't it?

Does this guy really think "these idiots don't know what they want, we have to force it on them and only then will they realize how good this is" like Kim Jong-un just feels his country would be better off it was full of size 0 civilians.

hey, since he will most assuredly try to put both his feet into his mouth we should have cameras ready to film him levitating like a child of the beast that he is.

"The Destructive Power of Opinions"? Really? Sorry, you're allowed to have a stupid opinion but you're not immune to criticism for it.

The destructive power of poor people having opinions that don't match mine, and why I'm great - by Adam Orth

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love this man. If it wasn't for him, I don't think quite as many people would have understood the implications of Xbox One's shitty scheme and their attitude towards their customers.

He laid it out nice and clear.

Right, time to trot this one out:
Is it too much to hope that someone shouts this in the middle of the speech?

Look, don't get me wrong here. I normally applaud such efforts, as I wish the internet could be a more civil place. That said, this particular incident sounds like it has more to do with the lingering bitterness of the speaker than an actual intelligent discourse on the topic.

I don't think it's too much to hope. He Was afterall touting the company line while showering his consumer base with contempt, the same consumer base recently vindicated on the same topic against the Whole company he was in.

Should the internet be more civil? Yes absolutely. Is opinion destructive? Oh I dunno, is breathing? And while we're at this, if opinion is destructive then what makes His opinion, the very thing he'll be talking about, any better?

In my opinion, funnily enough, the whole thing just reads like a show of hipocrisy and bitterness. If the Internet has any uncivility to spare, I hope its saved for this guy.

All we need is for a Valve spokesman to do a speech at the same conference on customer relations, customer service, how to listen, respond and interact with your potential customers online in ways that create a positive atmosphere and outcome.

Go on Valve - you know you want to... For science. ;-D

Captcha: last straw. No kidding.

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