Katamari Damacy Looks Amazing On A Yoga Ball Controller

Katamari Damacy Looks Amazing On A Yoga Ball Controller

We've been playing Katamari Damacy wrong this whole time! The only true way to enjoy the quirky modern classic is with a controller shaped like a Katamari.

Created for London's Fringe Festival, the gadget you see in use in that clip at right is exactly what it seems: A custom-designed, gigantic sphere designed for use as a controller for Namco Bandai's Katamari Damacy. According to its creators, the thing is hacked together from bits of wood, a yoga ball and the innards of two optical mice (plus whatever extra material went into its decorations). Impressively, it works just as you'd expect. Roll the thing forward, and your tiny on-screen counterpart does the same with his or her huge, sticky ball.

We're not entirely sure how players are supposed to jump or use that one maneuver where the Katamari does a quick 180-degree spin, but while watching that clip, if you're struck by any reaction beyond, "wow, that looks super fun," then maybe you should go back to grumbling audibly at puppies and any young children dumb enough to smile in your presence.

Chris McInnis, one of the creators behind this device, wrote up his memories of working on it and the piece makes a good read if you're interested in the more minute aspects of how something of this sort is built. It's not quite as entertaining as rolling a huge ball to control a videogame, but at the moment I'm having trouble recalling anything that might be.

Source: Uber Cool Stuff


O. M. F'ing G.

I want one of these yesterday. Now where did I put that "Shut up and take my money" meme Jpeg?

O. M. F'ing G.

I want one of these yesterday. Now where did I put that "Shut up and take my money" meme Jpeg?

Here, I found it inside your drawers :/

Buy beer, get this ^ have a blast


All I can think about right now.
It seems like such a good idea for a katamari game, :D

Now if only we could incorporate Steam glasses into the Katamri headgear.

As awesome as it was, it didn't look that responsive. Which makes me a sad panda.

GIVE IT TO ME NOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW. And now I have to go Youtube Yu Miyake's excellent theme song...

And how do you do the super speed boost?
If I was back in college and had the summer off, I would be building one of these right now.
Katamari Damacy is one of my all time favorite games. It made me miss the old atari days when they would have a different controller for almost every game. If they had made a ps2 rollerball controller just for KD, I would have bought it and I think most of the people I know who had the game would've bought it too.

Still, this begs me to reconsider the question: why did they never make a Katamari game for the DS and why isn't there one in the works for the Wiioo. Touchscreen Katamari ball wouldn't be as cool as this but it would still be fun.

Surprised no one's plucked this low hanging fruit yet


depending on if/how things like dashing & the 180 turn work, I'd probably shell out for one of these

*sees article title*

"Huh, that kind of sounds like the thing they had down at Uber Cool Stuff the other-OHMYGODITIS!"

To my everlasting shame, I didn't actually give this a try myself, though I spent a good while watching other people play it, and it looked ridiculously fun. Would also make a great controller for Super Monkey Ball.

yeah, could use a bit more traction

i can only imagine the kind of workout you'd get if they figured out how to implement charging into the control scheme


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