Dean Hall Spills DayZ Secrets At Rezzed Developer Session

Dean Hall Spills DayZ Secrets At Rezzed Developer Session

But is there an alpha release date? Weeeeell ...

"We really feel like we have to get the alpha out and start getting player feedback on where we're at here," says Dean 'Rocket' Hall, the man behind zombie apocalypse title DayZ, currently in production. It had a release date announced once before - December 2012 - but that date was blown as the team started adding new stuff, and now Hall's reluctant to announce another date. So don't expect to hear anything about that any time soon, but if you want 40-odd minutes of DayZ reveals, take a look at this Rezzed video. Just skip forward a bit, is my advice to you; nothing really happens until about 9.17.

Hall talks about pretty much everything from frame rate, Oculus Rift and duct tape, to complex in-game medical procedures. Back in 2012, before all this blew up, Dean Hall described his experiences running the then-mod for Arma II as scary but fun. "In a way, the project is basically about two or three hours away from complete disaster at any time," he said. "Every time we do an update it's just terrifying." Now he seems a lot more confident in his title, but it's clear he's still a little gunshy when it comes to release dates.

The original mod gained plenty of fans for its tense gameplay; here's hoping the original, when it finally sees alpha, is as good as it promises to be.

Source: Eurogamer


Well atleast it's only been six months since the alpha was supposed to come out.
The when it's done mentality is a good one but that doesn't make me cry any less at night.


The world needs another DNF after they actually made that one :(

Well that didn't look even nearly done, especially the zombie part that is pretty vital to the game.
Also doesn't seem like they moved far away from the interface clunk... I'm not really sure if the end product will be something pleasant to use.

Honestly I'm glad that they want the game to be great when it comes out. Wit that said, there are games contending with his audience every month and if one succeeds at doing what dayZ does they will have missed their window.

But of a lacklustre article in my mind. Sure all the information is in the video, but the article offers little incentive to watch it. But that's just me. I was in the crowd at that yesterday; I know the incentives they could have used.

Hall stated they do actually have a release "week" that they are aiming for, but it was not told. Obviously. And yes, he did stress his desire to get the Alpha up. The Gameplay was superb, but it also showed many areas that still needed work doing.

Also, that hat made him look like an idiot. And I object to Absolute 80's in Chenarus.

He took a game that annoying and complicated user interface cleaned it up to look good, then turn around and took good gameplay mechanics and turned them into annoying and complicated things.

These seem more like incremental updates to the mod than any kind of full new game. The first thing they need to do is differentiate the interface more from the ARMA games and generally start using and inventing some of their own resources. THe alpha needs to come out and shout "This not not just an ARMA mod anymore!"

Dat hop...


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