Gran Turismo 6 Demo Debuts Next Week

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Debuts Next Week

Gran Turismo 6 pre-release screenshot

Itching to play Sony's latest, meticulously detailed racing simulation? Give it a week.

It was only yesterday that we reported on the newly-announced pre-order bonuses available for the upcoming Gran Turismo 6. Now Sony's back with even more news: The official Gran Turismo 6 demo will arrive on Tuesday, July 2.

While Sony's not yet said what we can expect to find in the demo, the company does point out that the trial version of Gran Turismo 6 will only be available for a limited time. According to the publisher, the demo will vanish from the PlayStation Store come August 31.

As with the demo released for Gran Turismo 5, the GT6 trial isn't merely a chance to play the game early. It's also an opportunity to earn special in-game rewards and possibly a trip to a legitimate driving school, the aptly-named GT Academy. To wit:

The demo is structured as a GT Academy-style driver training concept where you progressively learn the skills required to push very expensive track monsters at full speed round impossible apexes. The course where the action takes place is Silverstone, the spiritual home of GT Academy (and one of the brand new confirmed GT6 track locations in GT6).

In GT Academy regions, once you've cleared the earlier rounds you will then have your shot to post your time to the leaderboard and see if you have got what it takes to progress to the next stage.

Regardless of whether you are in one of the GT Academy eligible countries or not, once you have proved your skills and made the grade through the initial rounds you will unlock special bonus content.

To reiterate, the demo arrives in a week, gives you a chance to play Gran Turismo 6 early, and could possibly be your ticket to driving really expensive sports cars in meatspace reality. It's a win-win for everyone (with the possible exception of those who don't own PlayStation 3s).

Source: PlayStation Blog EU


Given the billiard-ball physics in GT5, the lengthy list of "exclusive" pre-order cars in GT6, and the upcoming release of the PS4, I still don't have a reason to buy a PS3.

But I bought my first PS for GT. Got a PS2 for GT2. Played GT3 and 4 for years. But GT5 took so long to release, I pretty much gave on on getting it.

Ended up buying Forza used for the original X-Box. Using analog triggers for throttle and brake allowed for so much more control than pressure sensitive thumb buttons, that I've been with that series ever since.

At least, until FM4 required me to buy the same cars for the third time and FM:Horizon was... well... not that good. And FM5 appears to be all about simulating 4 layers of clearcoat instead of the actual racing.

Maybe down the road I'll come back to GT.

When's GT7 due out? ;)

I didn't like GT5, the cars felt numb, they could go 100+ mph with barely any vibration. I'm more of a car enthusiast than a racing enthusiast, and Forza delivers more for those who love cars. GT5 had a million variants of every Civic and Miata, but only token entries for American cars. Also there was a very convoluted system for accessing and buying cars. Sometimes, you just want to hop in a Bugatti and blast down the Lemans straight at 250 mph, without any currency implications or racing. Having cars with no interior in a simulation was a dealbreaker.

I wish I could get Forza on the PC with the Cryengine, I don't like having to look at blurry 720 whenever I want to play Halo or a racing game.

I'm also so fed up with GT5 that I'm not gonna even try GT6.

I just really hope GT6 don't fool us this time like they did with GT5 cause I got the game with my PS3 and what sold me was hearing they had 1000 cars which sounded great. I was disappointed that most of the cars were "copy and paste" from previous GT series and 50 variations of a Skyline GTR. Not enough tracks, gameplay was okay and I love the weather element but the cars just sadden me. How can you make the Bugatti Veyron a STANDARD? More Zonda's, more touring cars eg. Fiesta STs and VXRs, more new rally cars and less Japanese cars that aren't needed like 50 different Civics and Skylines.


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