Assassin's Creed Creator Says Nobody Cares About Discs Anymore

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Blockbuster videogames will be profitable once developers learn how to budget properly.

But he's right. Digital is the future. That's why the PSPGo was a massive success. Wait...

I don't care about discs at all.

What I DO care about is owning the software, not just a license to download it.

Also, no, cocklicker, you didn't somehow manage to make a game about the Muslim faith. You made a game about an assassin fighting against the Knights Templar and finding out that the Ancient Aliens guy was right and that all faiths were misinterpretations of it.

That's a game declaring that, in that universe, every faith, not just Islam, is wrong.

I'm pretty sure Muslim players of that game weren't impressed with the accuracy of the Quran's teachings and the lessons the game taught.

What a fucking moron. No wonder he was fired.

Captcha: braaains!

Nope, none here, apparently.

How fuckin' stupid are these digital clowns? How can AAA be more profitable if they were only digital if a lot of people don't have a fast enough internet connection to download their games? Discs are still more convenient from a technological standpoint to a lot of consumers. And a lot of them just simply like the damn discs. Myself included.

And people might be just a little more inclined to accept that if they could be certain that games they downloaded belonged to them, and always would.

Yeah, fuck this guy, fuck his attitude, and fuck his hair.

Digital IS the future, but it's not going to be the magic bullet that suddenly makes AAA games profitable again. The only thing that will make AAA games profitable is when the people working on games lower sales expectations to something even remotely resembling realistic and learn how to properly manage a budget, which will likely require that people stop focusing so much on graphical fidelity, since fancy graphics and the animators and artists needed to obtain is the vortex which is devouring so much of current game budgets.

Until then, cramming incredibly consumer unfriendly business practices down people's throats in the name of some nebulous future that doesn't show any likelihood of actually saving the industry is not acceptable.

That smug look he has in the picture really doesn't help

I like discs, they don't take 20 hours to download.


Oh, come on. The least you could do would be to go along with the joke. ^^;

As an assassin, I imagine he takes his individual right to own games quite seriously.

I prefer digital, because I don't have enough room for stuff as it is, and this would be one more item cluttering up space.

Although I do see that this makes trading games to friends/for cash nigh impossible... although(^2) if we were charged a proper digitally suitable price, I wouldn't care too much about that...

Actually, yeah: hey, you want the future to be here and all digital? How about charging an only-digital suitable price then?

The future might be digital.

But we really don't need dicks like you raping the future before it even begins mr. Desilets.

Stick your DRM, your packaged sales and all the other crap you want to put on there to control how we play games right back up your asshole.

Desilets, nobody is denying that the all-digital future WILL happen...but not NOW. Too many people in the industry are trying to force this when it's not the right time. Digital media consumption IS increasing, but the conversion to mostly digital media is going to be a slow one.

"Yeah, games come on disc, and I get it guys, you were really pissed off," he said. "But, deep down, nobody cares about not having CDs any more. The future is digital, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Are you a mindreader on a global scale? No? Then please don't try to speak for everyone.

I care about discs because they give me ownership over what I paid for. I give money, I get my game, I do whatever the fuck I want with it. The digital future the XBone would've brought would not offer me the same. I would no longer have full agency over when and how I played my games.

It's the reason why I like GoG so much. I give them money, they let me download my game, I then do whatever the fuck I want with it. No strings attached. No hoops to jump through. As far as I'm concerned, their approach is virtually equivalent to having physical media.

But I doubt you have the same thing in mind.

We did a game, somehow, about the Muslim faith.

Having Islam in your game does not make it about Islam. AC shows only the vaguest of understanding of Crusades-era Muslim faith and culture.

Seeing as I'm a console gamer I would rather not have to be forced to use digital. especially considering Sony and Microsoft's absurd prices on digital games.

I'm nobody
who are you?
Are you nobody to?

Then there's a pair of us, don't tell!
They'd banish us, you know.

Now as far as discs being discs go, he's right I don't care, games could be beamed to me directly from the moon using lasers for all I care, as long as it's the same game.

But that's not the point.

If "digital all the way" means "You don't actually own your games" Then fuck you, and fuck the horse you rode in on. I will not accept a industry where every game is a "service" meaning that I never actually get to own anything.

I care. In fact, a whole lot of people do. I don't think games as a whole will ever go truly digital, not until all major game devices are so small they fit in a palm of your hand and it's just reasonable to keep all their stuff on a beefy data storage device inside, which is the case with music and MP3-flac-whatever devices.
Now the thing with licenses... When you buy a disk you get an eternal license to play AND the actual copy to use with that license. But if you buy digital you don't actually get the hard copy and so they can just steal it back sometime down the line. Well, it's not that bad on consoles, you technically can keep your installed digital games for eternity, but that's not as reliable and convenient as having a hard copy.

I like discs, make digital distribution cheap and then i will buy via that way.

Well then, I guess my name is Nobody.

I like discs they compensate for the annoyingly large sized games versus the itty bitty hard drive these things come with. Also you have yet to prove you can handle digital cause everything you've done to this point on consoles is varying levels of garbage.

Well I care... I prefer all my media to be hard copies if at all possible.

Someone else who cares? The millions of us that don't have real broadband access. Oh yes, I looooove waiting two days to play a game I bought while it slithers its way down my blazing 1.5Mbps AT&T connection that rarely performs above .75kbps. Even better the 60% of the population of my home county that relies on satellite or cellular for so-called high-speed connections.

Oh yeah, and here we have again someone else in the industry that's ready to write off the entire military who may not have access to digital for months at a time.

Seriously? All that over the xbone just whooshed over this dick's head?

Indeed we don't care about CDs anymore. That's because we have Bluray discs now. These incredible things mean we don't have to spend hours or possibly days downloading a single game.

How was Assasins Creed about the Muslim faith? Which is called Islam by the way Mr Desilets.

Digital IS the future, but it's not going to be the magic bullet that suddenly makes AAA games profitable again. The only thing that will make AAA games profitable is when the people working on games lower sales expectations to something even remotely resembling realistic and learn how to properly manage a budget...

I think it would be helpful for everyone to remember that, while gaming is increasingly socially accepted, CoD:MW3 moved 22 million units. Even assuming that's solely in the US, that's still just under 10% of the U.S. population playing one of, if not the, highest selling games of all time. This is still a niche hobby, and everyone needs to remember that.

OT: The future is digital, but that doesn't stop you from being a tool in the present Mr. Desilets. We'll get there when we get there and the DRM/digital sales model has a long way to go before it's going to be widely embraced. Doubly so as increasing numbers of people realize digital largely means they don't own the games they buy. It's a bad business model, and one that is probably going to have some high ranking industry execs standing before the Supreme Court in the not too distant future.

I care. Fuck you. Sure, digital will become more and more important as and when the internet, internet infrastructure and connection speeds increase and service improves. Fuck having to wait 8 hours for a game to download when all I have to do is pop a disk in, install it and jobs' a good'un.

Having said that, some games that require Steam to play (Shogun 2 comes to mind, what a horrible experience that was) MUST be downloaded upon re-installation and the retail disks I pre-ordered are now useless.

Captcha: no-brainer

So some spoilt rich prick in America (a country built around greed and selfishness) is trying to tell me what I want is not value for money or a product in my hands for the money spent, but rather I want to make the greedy American corporations even richer.....
Go fuck yourself.

I'm sick of these assholes telling me what I do and don't want (usually involving all the benefits for them and none for us) rather than accepting that the industry is destroying itself out of pure greed. No other industry would treat their customers like these pigs do and I look forward to seeing them going broke, good riddance. Then real companies that know how to make a quality product with a nice profit margin can move in to reap the rewards of AAA's utter stupidity.

No, I like my discs, it's easier then waiting for my ridiculously slow internet and even cheaper when I get preowned.

Plus looks much better in a shelf.

These digital people really have to stop talking like they know everyone.

As a PC Gamer, I really don't care about discs.

Notably, as a PC Gamer, I really don't care about Ubisoft either considering how much they don't care about me.

It's a bit of mutual apathy. It's hard to appeal to the population that doesn't mind digital while simultaneously alienating them.


It's difficult for me to understand how a guy who worked for a company as console-centric as Ubisoft would have a mindset like this. It's outright baffling.

Maybe if there was an indication that digital sales make up more of video game sales overall than physical, maybe I'd believe them. There's no way Ubisoft games sell more digitally. You can't make a statement like this after the backlash Microsoft got for their policies.

I feel like the implication in his statement is that he expects the industry to go completely digital, and maintain its current pricing structure, therein benefiting us in absolutely no way, but passing on the low overhead of digital distribution to the people behind the game... which is a really selfish way to think about it.

I also seem to notice a continuing trend of developers to be like "The industry is screwed, and if it wants to un-screw itself it needs to be doing exactly what we are doing on our games, because we are right. So there."

So what he's saying is that publishers will be pocketing the cash saved from digital sales rather than the consumer seeing those savings come back to them?

Pretty much what I expected. We've been told countless times that games could be cheaper for us when they're sold digitally, but we've seen no evidence of this. I'm glad I never trusted the industry in this regard.

I hate the fact that he, and people like him, try to speak for everybody like this. "Hey, this isn't opinion, it's fact!" It's BS. I love discs. There's nothing like having a physical copy of a game. I'm still a bit pissed that people stopped putting thought into making interesting manuals. He's said this kinda stupid thing, as if his opinion is fact, and now people are proving him wrong. So, at least that's something, right?

He is derping hard on this one. No one is fighting the digital future moron... well, most gamers aren't. They are fighting M$ horrible implementation of it and how it was used as a way to prohibit gamers instead of offering more choices like it does on the PC. Also, you are one of those morons who thinks that the people who pay the money are wrong and the people who take the money are right. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't completely misconstrue the entire issue in reference to the XBox One.

Also, he is off base. The Triple A industry isn't struggling because there are game discs, they are struggling because they invest so much money that it's just wasteful, and they need to sell ridiculous numbers to break even.

He's coming off as a total douche. There's a message he's trying to deliver but failing miserably.

Yes, discs are on the way out. But that doesn't mean that DRM needs to be on the way in.

I'm fine with requiring internet registration to install a game or something but requiring constant online connection to play is a stupid idea. My ability to play a game should never be dictated by the performance of a third party's service.

My favourite part is when he said we all like shooters and space marines, then poised assassin's creed as some kind of shining beacon of hope for the industry. The AC series is just boring and samey to me.

You can put it in the Renaissance all you want, but when you make it a hilarious gong show where you're meeting like every fucking famous person from the era, your game feels more like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure than anything with a "cultural point of view".

This is just pathetic... some of these guys in the industry obviously spend too much time at the office with access to a giant backbone connection and $3000 worth of brand new hardware to use it with.

Discs still matter because the read speed of a DVD-ROM from 10 years ago still kicks the ever-loving shit out of a home internet connection's throughput. Until every single home in every first-world nation has access to the kind of speeds this douche gets at the office, the future is still pretty far off. If my game installation is 40GB, I'd rather copy if off of 10ish DVDs or a dual-layer blu-ray disc than let it download overnight.

I like discs, they don't take 20 hours to download.


Oh, come on. The least you could do would be to go along with the joke. ^^;

As an assassin, I imagine he takes his individual right to own games quite seriously.

damn right. think about it. the camera, the online check in. how was that not a templar idea?

I'm on to you Adam orth

I would like to no longer care. With internet not at it's best yet, though, I do care. Although Xbox's original idea of using game discs to install onto the hard drive was awesome, they wouldn't be able to do so if they made trading games possible. I'd rather be able to trade the games than install them and make the discs useless. If I can keep said disc but stash it away while not having to use it for startup and still be able to trade it in at a later date... Just allow me to check in that I still have the disc monthly (as in have me insert the disc to verify I still own it; also making this completely optional) and I'd be set...

I'd love to do away with game discs. I just don't see the point of it yet.

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