Terminator Reboot Coming in June 2015

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Terminator Reboot Coming in June 2015

The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger will "be back" as everyone's favorite cyborg assassin in a new series of films.

Fans of the Terminator movies are in for some news. The franchise, which arguably hit a low point with the somewhat mediocre Terminator: Salvation, will be getting a full-fledged reboot that should release in June 2015. The reboot which has apparently been in the works for some time now is being handled by a slew of Hollywood veterans, including Laeta Kalorgridis(Avatar, Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry), who are currently on deck to work on the screenplay. It will also be produced, in part, by David Ellison whose recent work includes World War Z, Star Trek: Into Darkness, G.I. Retaliation and Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol.

Perhaps the biggest bit of news to come from this, however, is that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning as the titular Terminator. While that might seem a bit odd to some considering that Schwarzenegger will be closing in on age seventy by the time the movie releases, it's not all that surprising. Schwarzenegger had previously confirmed he would be returning for Terminator 5. That in mind it makes sense that he'd stick with the franchise now that the sequel's becoming a reboot. Granted, he's probably not going to be as scary as he was in 1984, but you never know. If he can pull off a new Conan film after thirty years, maybe he can still be a murderous robot too.

All of this, of course, preface's the question of "do we need a new Terminator franchise?" Personally, the fan in me just wishes they'd stopped in 1991 when Terminator 2: Judgement Day left things arguably perfect. That said, if they're going to do anything, a reboot would probably be better than more sequels.

Source: Deadline


"Do we need a new Terminator franchise?"
Not even slightly. I'm at a loss to see what they could do differently. I've not really liked the whole "reboot" thing, and am at a loss to think of ones that have been worthwhile.

I'm also still sore about the fate of T:TSCC ...

All of this, of course, preface's the question of "do we need a new Terminator franchise?"

The answer to which is:

Does anyone think they'll be able to do it as well as the original? I'm guessing that'll garner a similar answer.

That said, if they're going to do anything, a reboot would probably be better than more sequels.

Which is like saying that a nipple twist is better than a swift kick in the testicles!

EDIT: inb4 "Why is this being posted on a gaming website?! Arghblargl.. *foam* *foam*

"Do we need a new Terminator franchise?"
Not even slightly. I'm at a loss to see what they could do differently. I've not really liked the whole "reboot" thing, and am at a loss to think of ones that have been worthwhile.

I'm also still sore about the fate of T:TSCC ...

Yeah... this whole thing does strike as a "Money! Beautiful Money! MWA HA HA!" kind of announcement. Then again, that's all the sequels were so that's not surprising.

Why are we still tolerating this rubbish!? Isn't there enough people sick of these uncreative stupid reboots? Gaaahhhhhh!

Also I prefer that they make sequels, at least it has a chance to be more interesting than the original. Though that won't happen because most of the writing these days is typed up by a thousand trained chimps.

While i am glad that Arnold Schwarzeneggar is in it, it still feels like just another money grab.

Do agree on the reboot is better than a sequel part though.

But man, why can't they just bring back T:TSCC, shame it ended after the 2nd season.

Nope, sorry. As far as my optimism is concerned, I'd have at least a little faith if Arnie still had it, but he doesn't. He's a codgery old man spouting one liners with no where near the conviction or heart he did before.

I'll watch it if they decide to take the piss and let Arni play the Terminator reimagined as a mopey, dreary emo teanager and cast Angela Lansbury as some sexed up love interest character. That would at least be something.

Otherwise: Never really cared for Terminator, don't really care for the reboot.

At least Moviebob might appreciate.

Oh yeah baby, scrape that barrel bottom for me, scrape it!

Another reboot.........Great

Even though I have seen Terminator 3 and Terminator Salvation I don't consider them to be part of the Terminator continuity. I only consider Terminator 1 and Terminator 2+the alternate ending to be canon.

What's the point of rebooting it? I'm glad that we get to see Arnold in another action film, but I would actually prefer something entirely new. It would be very weird to have the entire thing reimagined with an entirely different cast except for Arnold.

Reboot movies that suck!

Terminator still holds up perfectly well today.

Funny how they only seem to reboot beloved movies that they know will get cash based on the name.

Stop rebooting good movies ffs, like Robocop and the Crow.


Hollywood vampires, sucking the blood out of the past because they are creatively bankrupt.

there is no need for a dam reboot. They will not be able to make a better film then T1 & T2 they should just spare themselves the embarrassment.

I think Arnold is WAY scarier now than he ever was. Have you seen what he looks like? It looks like his face is getting sucked into his eye sockets!

The writers are gonna have to be really smart with explaining why a military of calculated perfection would make their killer machines look and act like a lonely old lesbian.

...what if instead of Arnold being another Terminator, he plays the guy that the Terminators were modeled after? I know T3 had a deleted scene where he did this, and I didn't watch the end of Salvation so I don't know if they did something like that there either.

But either way, that could be interesting, right? You could have a scene where he pretends to be a Terminator to fool people for a certain objective, then slowly build up fear in the viewer that he may actually just BE a Terminator after all, ext.

Edit: Oh yeah, reboot... right. Um, yeah that's pretty lame. For some reason, the word reboot didn't stand out that much to me. I guess that's because, in the Terminator franchise, a sequel and a reboot don't necessarily have to be different from one another...

A Terminator movie could take place at a different time period, and follow the story of a completely different cast of characters... and it could be taken either as a completely new story, or a new perspective on the same story. So I've not completely slumped into head-shaking just yet.

I mean all that "reboot" is necessarily referring to is the act of getting a franchise back on its feet and 'kicking' it back into action with a new coat of paint or any parts that you don't like replaced. They could just be saying that they're going to start a new timeline of events separate from the John Connor arc (thank crap)... or yeah they could just be getting ready to cast a new John and Sarah Connor and rewrite the first two movies (oh crap).


So, 70 year old Arnie is going to be the rebooted Terminator?

Um...what? How is this anything like a good idea?

I think Peter Griffin's thoughts on the matter would be the closest to my own. Unfortunately, Christian Bale doesn't seem to happy about out opinion...

That time displacement device just can't get a fucking rest can it.

I'm assuming Arnie is going to do this mo-caped, right? I mean, Skynet would have to be in a dire state if it's producing killer cyborgs that look like saggy 70-year old body builders.

Might as well make another Twins movie while we're at it
Oh Wait...

It does worry me that all the films named in the article as previous projects are overwhelmingly average. I don't really think the world needs a new Terminator movie, the appeal was always being chased by something without emotions that would never stop, and the first two films pretty much have that down and still hold up to this day (although I do want to punch John Connor in the face every time I watch T2). Still, it could be good if they were clever about it, there's lots of new technology that people are shitting themselves over that can be worked in as subtext. I'd be surprised if it's anything above average though.

Well, it could be... *looks at the previous works of the guys in charge* OK, let's forget about it.

Might as well make another Twins movie while we're at it
Oh Wait...

...That's a joke right? That' not actually happening is it O.O

Any way good christ let the series go! It's not a super hero or Slasher movie franchise. We don't all constantly want and need more of it. Let it go!

You guys are awesome!

Quite correctly (and literally) disenfranchised with remakes, reboots, sequel this, prequel that etc

Message to writers everywhere; Take a chance and WRITE......SOMETHING........NEW!

Originality simply decided to roll over and die after 90's. Everything is a reboot or an adaptation today. I don't even give a fuck about anything that happened after Terminator 2. Sequels don't exist for me.

How long do you think it will take Marvel to do a reboot of Avengers after they're done with what they're doing now? I think 5-7 years.

I believe my mate on Facebook sum it better then I could. This is what he said "WHY???"

Awesome! If they do this and it's successful, maybe they'll also do reboots of other iconic 80's movies/shows, like G.I. Joe, Star Trek, the A-Team, and Red Dawn! Or even other Schwarzeneggar movies like Total Recall!!!




They better put some effort into that shit or the franchise will be untouchable forever, and fans will find and eat everyone involved in its production. You don't simply beat a horse this dead unless you're going somewhere with it.



Put Terminator 2 back in Cinemas for a while. Because it's fucking awesome > >

why? what the fuck do thy think is going to happen, its a quick cash grab for all the nostalgic people. I do not understand how an industry the size of hollywood is so fucking unimaginative, instead making new IPs an potential franchises they muddle around with bad teen books and movies from the past.... im too tired to articulate my annoyance right now but rest assured i am seething at their incompetence and lack of courage

The only way I see a Terminator reboot working is if they went with all new actors or characters. As it is, with Arnold as the Terminator, I don't see it working. It would strike me as either a shame-less money grab (which it probably is) or a half-assed retread of one of the older movies.

They seem to be falling into the mental trap that there can only be a Terminator with Arnold Schwartzcritter even when is far beyond the identified age. I predict another problem. When The Terminator first showed, Arnold was a run of the mill action actor -- since then he has become a joke in the sense that the parody of his persona will be hard to get past and will likely undermine the tone of what is at its heart, a horror movie.

Let's see how Moviebob's reboot ideas come through -- as he said, being hunted by a machine in this day and age of info mining and social networking is a different beast. If they follow the same logic that led them to hire Arnold again and reshoot the "phonebook scene" (phonebook, what's that?) it would be a real missed opportunity.

Calling Terminator: Salvation mediocre is high praise. That movie was the full thirty-one flavors of stupid, and the only reason the human resistance had any chance of success was that Skynet managed to out-stupid them.

(Here's an idea. You have Kyle Reese captive? You have some understanding of his significance? Kill him.)

(Please: don't reply to tell me how this would create a time paradox. These movies long abandoned serious contemplation of a timeline that is either rigid or self-fulfilling, and besides, I pretty literally can go on regarding the other thirty flavors of stupid.)

As far as the reboot... Having screwed up/over the original franchise, revisiting the original with your sixty-something lead (and minus the director who made the franchise work, who has actually gone on to better things) is probably not the best idea in the world. This seems like a whole lot of work that is almost certain to disappoint the makers and audiences alike. Unless someone has a serious idea that will add something new, unexpected and different that will totally re-invigorate things (and don't let the high-concept pitch meeting convince you that you've got something you don't, boys), let the franchise die and move on to other things. Maybe in another decade it will be worth a look.

See, the problem is that when you view the terminator franchise as a whole there is a noticeable drop off in quality after terminator 2. If we want the entire series to feel cohesive then we have to go back and make the first two films mirror the quality of the later entries in the series.

Please make Google the new Skynet... please? They already own most of the internet anyway...

I enjoyed the Terminator movies, even the bad ones, but I don't see any way this can work out well.

Please make Google the new Skynet... please?

SHHHHH! Noone's supposed to know! Why do you think Skynet rebranded in the first place?

At this point I really don't care about Terminator. Unless they plan on erasing all record of the originals I will just happily ignore the shitty reboot that gets churned out and if I want to see a movie about killer cyborg time-traveling assassins I'll watch Doctor Who the first two films.

I just hope that they don't try and reboot The Blues Brothers or Spinal Tap. Then I might get stabby.

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