Bastion iOS Price Hits Rock Bottom In WB Sale

Bastion iOS Price Hits Rock Bottom In WB Sale


It's a celebration of summer! Fancy Batman: Arkham City Lockdown? Midway Arcade? Something else?

Warner Brothers, in a celebration of summer, is selling all its mobile interactive titles at $0.99 a shot. That includes Bastion, the title you all should have had a go at by now if you have any sense at all, but also a host of other games including:

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown
LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7
Man of Steel
Scribblenauts Remix
LEGO Batman DC Superheroes
Midway Arcade

Three of those - Scribblenauts Remix, Man of Steel and Arkham City Lockdown - are also on sale at Google Play.

Is there some reason you're still here? Have you no soul? Do you need to be reminded about Bastion's brilliant soundtrack? GET THEE HENCE!


Thank you so much!

Alas... no iOS devices here, otherwise I'd jump on that. Bastion is a fantastic game!


Get thee whence? You didn't post a link.


Is there some reason you're still here? Have you no soul?

I have no iPad. And also no soul.

Besides which, I already have Bastion on PC.

I've played through on PC already, but damn, for 69p I'll grab it for iPad as well, it's an awesome game that I won't mind playing through a second time.

Also, Scribblenauts is great - really interesting game that, answers so many questions and settles so many arguments :). Midway Arcade is a very polished app as well - you do have to get those extra games, like Gauntlet I/II but it's good - especially if you have an iCade controller, in fact it's vital if you have an iCade.

how does that game control on mobile platforms anyway? does the sharpshooter challenge kill your fingers or what?


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