Fez Update Coming to XBLA

Fez Update Coming to XBLA

Fez creator Phil Fish has confirmed on Twitter that a new patch for Fez on Xbox Live Arcade is in the works.

As unhappy as he was about the idea of working with Microsoft on a new patch for Fez on XBLA, Phil Fish has revealed on Twitter that he's going to do it. "GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: we're going to patch FEZ on XBLA!" he tweeted yesterday. "it's going to take a few months, though. but we're doing it!"

"IT'S A 4TH OF JULY MIRACLE," he added.

Fish apparently decided to update the game after Microsoft dropped the hefty fees it charged developers for issuing patches to XBLA games, which had kept him from fixing a rare but nasty bug in Fez that trashed saved games. He wasn't too thrilled about it, though; in an extended Twitter rant last month, Fish raged about his Microsoft experience and said, "forgive me if im not too excited at the prospect of working with MS again even if it's just for one patch."

Props to Fish for not walking away from the game, despite his ill will toward Microsoft and XBLA. Perhaps if all goes well, we might even see him return to the platform - although I wouldn't start holding my breath just yet.

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I'll never be able to not hear Farnsworth's voice whenever I see that phrase.

But anyway, yes this is good news for, well, everyone. It means that I'll be able to go back to Fez. I know it was only a small percentage affected, but I didn't want to continue on from where I was with the possibility that all of my progress could've just been wiped.

Good fight....could've gotten smoother if he didn't do the whole...Solidifying that the American Games Industry being cruel to indy devs that is, oh, and possibly the whole Cave Story=Pathetic/Bordering-on-Xenophobism thing to an entire country,though that might just be misinformation based on whining about the 3DS and WiiU on twitter...and some video from Indy Videogame: The Movie and going to a Japanese dev right in the face and saying that..American games are better.

"American games are better" - let that sink in, just think about it, if American games are so better, why didn't he pay the 10k dollars to patch his game, if he supposedly thinks his game is better than Japanese indy games like Cave Story? If anything, him shouting out just made people attempt to compare sales numbers from various sources, and the results isn't pretty; apparently Fez and Super Meat Boy got no advertising thus was bad, in SMB's case, Team Meat had to wait a few weeks for their selling numbers whilst Notch got his within days.....says a lot about the whole Indiness of the Xbox Live Arcade when the new guy is there....

So how were Fez's Steam numbers anyway, was it really worthwhile to endure about 6/months for the Microsoft exclusivity to wear off before he could actually get some bucks and presumably free advertising?, Apparently Super Meat Boy did so well on steam that TM didn't want to go to Microsoft first, and Fish made a Sony version of Fez....skipped Wii U out of Nationalistic Pride...but isn't Sony basically a guy simply wearing a Cowboy Hat at this point?

I have to honestly say though; Sony shredded it's Japanese identity into something western, whilst Nintendo retained it's basicness that enables it to take risks with new things; most cases the other 2 guys just plagiarizes it (Kinnect, Move, yes i know about the failure Eye-Toy) the only real major failures imo is mostly anything involving a Microphone (DS, that Wii Sound thing) or the small emphasis on the 3DS' 3D slider....or maybe the slider is good, i wear glasses so maybe it wont work as good for me?

Think now's the time Nintendo steals an idea that's 100% full proof; add in an account-based system for purchases, don't force people to wait for things like Shantae & the Pirates' Treasure, just because they want to release Tails' Sky Patrol or yet more NES games that already was released on the Wii VC, add in some multi-system playing thing, let people take their SNES/NES/Sega games on the go. D:

I'll say it for what is probably the fifth time. Congratulations for doing what you should have done months ago Phil. You fucked the patch and then tried to lay all the blame on Microsoft, as if we didn't know that contracts existed and that you were fully aware of what patching for the xbox entailed. Way to grind them down with your jackassery.

"Perhaps if all goes well, we might even see him return to the platform..."

Wow Andy, that's a bit of a dickish line, Fish clearly doesn't want to work for Microsoft again, if all goes well he won't have to work with them again. :P


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