Worms 3 Assaults iOS Later This Year

Worms 3 Assaults iOS Later This Year


16 years after the debut of Worms 2, developer Team 17 has announced the game's first true sequel.

Worms 3 is coming! I can't believe I just typed those words, but yes, almost two decades after Worms 2 hit the PC (and then every other platform in existence), Team 17 has opted to create a proper sequel. The biggest difference between Worms 3 and its predecessors? This one is being developed specifically for play on iOS devices.

While Worms 3 will undoubtedly continue the franchise tradition of dropping players into the slimy boots of a squad of armless, anthropmorphic annelids, hell-bent on murdering one another using a vast arsenal of creative, often-wacky weapons, it also brings with it a list of new features. To wit:

Worms 3 for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch includes gorgeous new graphics, 27 single player missions, asynchronous multiplayer, AirPlay functionality, 4 different worm classes, strategic playing cards and all new weapons!

There's currently no specific release date (beyond "Q3 2013," anyway) or pricing info for Worms 3, but we'll bring you word on all of that just as soon as it becomes public. In the meantime, we suggest taking a look at Team 17's officiall announcement of the game. It reiterates those new features we mentioned above, but goes into far more depth as to what exactly you can expect to see in Worms 3.

Source: Team 17


Worms: Armageddon might be 10 Worms games old, but it's still my favorite. I hope they don't incorporate any of that 3D nonsense and push the team sizes back up to 10 while they're at it. You can't have a respectable match with the current 4-Worm limits.

No Android?

As much as I love the game I'm not getting an i-device.

So we're just ignoring that there was a worms 4 and an official 3rd sequel just not with a 3 moniker?

Marketers make my head hurt.

All they really need to do is keep adding different new weapons to Worms World Party or Worms Armageddon to keep me buying, but instead they've gone the weird and shitty route everyone else has, i.e. DLCs, fancier graphics/3d, classes/hats, and as a result fewer weapons due to the development cost of the latter.

I'd really love this on my Nexus since I shelled out £220 for one 5 months ago >.>.

A proper sequel to Worms 2?
They did that already: it was called WORMS ARMAGEDDON. Hello?!

Earnest Cavalli:
Worms 3 is coming!

By my count (OK, Wiki's count) this is Worms 19. One of them was already called Worms 4.


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