Pong Creator Turns To Kickstarter For Mobile Card Game Cash

Pong Creator Turns To Kickstarter For Mobile Card Game Cash


Seriously?! Yes, seriously. Would I joke about something like this?

Pong creator Al Alcorn, together with his uGetit partner and fellow Atari veteran Roger Hector, has turned to Kickstarter to fund his latest game project, a trivia card game called Seriously?!. Though calling it a card game may be oversimplifying, since Seriously?! is meant to be played on a smartphone or tablet. The device reads the card, the 'Siri'-style game hostess poses the question and judges the answer, as well as heaping on the shame - or praise - for those answers that really make the grade. New decks will be added as time goes by, with more true/false, multiple guess questions, videos, pictures, and everything else the developers can cram in. But that word 'developer' can also apply to backers, since anyone who kicks in - at any pledge level - can submit trivia questions which may be chosen for inclusion in the final game. One hundred or more accepted questions gets you a Master Game Designer credit, and a personal trivial card created just for you.

There are six different trivia categories: slackers (people), civilization's decline (history), visual stimulation (includes picture or video), twisted entertainment (showbiz) and creepy oddities (strange and miscellaneous). "Submissions will be judged on the basis of their universal appeal, creativity, humor, and originality," say the design team. "Don't get too obscure as only the best submissions stand a chance of acceptance." This will be an iOS and Android title with a free downloadable app, should it reach its goal.

The uGetit team is looking for $100,000 to make this a reality. At time of writing, it's raised $1,188, with 27 days still on the clock.

Source: Kickstarter


Well that's it. Kickstarter's done, we can all go home now. We have finally reached the ultimate incarnation of "no longer relevant designer seeks money to make game of questionable quality."

I hope it docks points for the answer "PENIS"

For some reason, this sounds tremendously cool to me. I may even back it. If there's questions that include pictures/video, and the game itself is set up with a cool round system or something (and not just constant answering of questions to reach max points), I would actually back this. But yeah, the logical extreme of "old-school developer needs your money for wacky idea that can't get funds otherwise" has officially been reached.

Wow, I need a refresher course. Everything I write sounds smarmy nowadays.

*post removed for sounding like a jerk when I didn't mean to*

They want $100,000 for something I could get on the internet for free? It also sounds kind of fiddly, what was wrong with printing the answer on the back of the cards?

For a moment there, I thought I saw my username in an Escapist Article.


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