WWE 2K14 Adds The Ultimate Warrior

WWE 2K14 Adds The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior joins the WWE 2K14 roster, and to celebrate the game's developers filmed a vignette of the former wrestler doing what he does best: Looking veiny and shouting at things.

WWE 2K14 is the first attempt by 2K Games to create a successful pro wrestling videogame franchise following the financial collapse of previous WWE license-holder THQ. In an effort to set their game apart from earlier wrestling titles, 2K Games is adding a number of wrestlers who few ever expected to see in a WWE game. Most impressively, WWE 2K14 features a playable appearance by Randy "Macho Man" Savage, but nearly as impressive is news that the game will also include The Ultimate Warrior.

That video embedded above depicts a modern-day Warrior stomping through the 2K Games offices and shouting his customary, barely-coherent greetings/threats at everyone he meets. The Ultimate Warrior - his given name is "James Hellwig," but he legally changed it to "Warrior" in 1993 - was once one of the biggest names in the WWE, but in recent years he's become more notable for his bizarre right-wing tirades and a comic book project based on his wrestling persona that alternately features long, barely literate screeds explaining Warrior's ethos and an oddly sexualized Santa Claus. Unfortunately, none of this is a joke.

Still, The Ultimate Warrior was a force to be reckoned with in the late 80s and early 90s world of faux fighting, so perhaps along with the inclusion of the Macho Man, WWE 2K14 may be attempting to take players back to that era. THQ's WWE '13 featured a gameplay mode centering on the late 90s "Attitude Era" of the WWE, so it wouldn't be that surprising to see another mode focused on the late 80s wrestling boom. Here's hoping we're given the chance to collapse a folding chair around Cyndi Lauper's pop-addled head.

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He looks like the Kingdom Come/Marvel X version of 80s Surfer Sting...

oh god yisss.

that just took me back to the '90s.

Never been a big fan of wrestling games, but I might pick this one up, if not for anything else but The Ultimate Warrior.

I really want to see Doink The Clown again! (or was it Boink?) He was my favourite character on one of the old SNES Wrestling games.

Quiet Stranger:
I really want to see Doink The Clown again! (or was it Boink?) He was my favourite character on one of the old SNES Wrestling games.

So long as they don't "re-imagine" him as a version of DC Comics' "The Joker."

No mention of Destrucity? I am disappoint, marketing department.

Honestly, I have no interest in this game. I just watched the trailer out of nostalgia. UW used to be my favourite wrestler when I was a kid.

There's only one word I can offer for this trailer... and it's SKRONK!


Seriously this guy.. yeah add him! Please add also this hilarious interviews. Please!

Captcha: brush your teeth What captcha are you my mother?

Quiet Stranger:
I really want to see Doink The Clown again! (or was it Boink?) He was my favourite character on one of the old SNES Wrestling games.

Doink the clown's return might be kind of hard to do (though I could be wrong). The original guy doing him died:


There were however several people behind the makeup of "Doink" over the years, and "Doink" wound up actually licensing out to other wrestling groups and other things if you look him up. It seems like it could be a giant legal mess, and the WWE apparently retired the character officially.


As far as the article goes, I don't hold being conservative against "The Ultimate Warrior" for obvious reasons, given that I'm part of the roughly 50% of the population that identify that way and probably agree with him on most things at the end of the day. That said, his comics career seems rather disturbing, I get a sort of vibe from it like he was trying to build an "Insane Clown Posse" following around himself albeit without the same kind of creativity. Of course that might just be the land/philosophy of "Destrocity", which for some reason reminds me of the old school days of "The Dark Carnival" when ICP seemed to want to create it's own horrorcore themed version of scientology... before they seemed to lose their guts, decide "oh we're Christians" and then saying "no, no, we're not a Christian band" and then pretty much going into the days of "hey our latest headline comes from bouncing a 2 liter bottle of Faygo off of someone during a concert".... and of course that whole "Magnets" thing. Never been a big ICP fan, but being a horror fan I once thought some of their stuff was kind of cool... but at any rate, all rambling aside, The Ultimate Warrior seems like he was involved in a half-hearted attempt to do something similar.

To be honest I've always kind of wondered why The Ultimate Warrior disappeared while he was still popular. I've heard everything over the years to a dispute over pay and feeling he should get more money/better storylines due to his popularity (leading to him getting kicked out) which seems to be the most popular theory but I couldn't see why he just didn't go to another rival organization (which didn't seem to happen). I also heard stuff about how he was barred from wrestling due to getting AIDS and other wrestlers being afraid to get in the ring with him as they can occasionaly cut themselves, to some wild rumor about steroids and how he wound up taking so many of them he could no longer bend his arms properly due to some kind of 'roid inflicted muscle dysfunction.

At any rate it's kind of good to see Ultimate Warrior back, everything else aside, he was one of my favorite characters who came in around the tail end of my interest in pro-wrestling.

(Sarcastically) Oh, I bet Spoony and Linkara are going to LOVE this.

Quiet Stranger:
I really want to see Doink The Clown again! (or was it Boink?) He was my favourite character on one of the old SNES Wrestling games.

Did you know he was the founding member of ICP? haha

Every so often I like to buy these games, talk about a guilty pleasure! They are just so fucking goofy and cheesy at times and it's always a "did they manage to pull it off this year?" moment when you see the hair 'cos I don't think they have made a game where the hair doesn't clip like crazy! Or just be a 1 pixel in depth, sheet like hair ... like grass in just about every other game.

I swear the wrestling games i played on the ps2 looked better then what was shown on the trailer.

Regardless, the appearance and antics of the ultimate warrior has my attention, im a sucker for 80/90s wrestling pantomine :)

I just hope they got him talking about the power of Destrucity and the gods above who sent him the spaceship.

Not So FUN Fact:
The Ultimate Warrior once skipped out on a Make-a-Wish kid.
I genuinely fail to understand the appeal of this guy. He's not even a good wrestler. If it hadn't been for guys like Rick Rude, he'd have never had a good match in his life. Then again, Rude could carry a sack of crap to a good match.

surprised he even got added to the game.....thought he had beef with WWE over the copyright of the ultimate warrior character..?

I fucking need this...I'm not even a fan of the WWE...I haven't watched since it was the WWF...I was too young to remember The Ultimate Warrior and his rivalry with "Hawk Hokkan". All that aside though...I think I may just pre-order this.

WWE 2K veterens...if I don't pre-order this Ultimate Warrior will likely be made available to buy eventually right? I don't see why he wouldn't be...

No mention of Destrucity? I am disappoint, marketing department.

Agreed. But, seriously, does anyone want to be reminded of the Warrior comics?

(Sarcastically) Oh, I bet Spoony and Linkara are going to LOVE this.

Somewhere, in America, Spoony and Linkara simultaneously collapse into the fetal position as they weep in agony and they don't know why.

And to think, I use to think the Ultimate Warrior was the coolest wrestler in the WWF. Oh, the follies of youth...

so much skronking, but I wouldn't have it any other way

Wow I must be one of the few people who remember him back in the 80's WWF! He certainly had ages but still I'm glad they put him in.


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