Nintendo Trademarks May Tease Seaman's Return

Nintendo Trademarks May Tease Seaman's Return


Two Seaman-related trademarks have been registered in Japan, possibly hinting at sequels for the Wii U or 3DS.

Of all the off-beat, bizarre videogames out there, Seaman probably takes first prize for strangeness. A Dreamcast pet simulator that used a microphone attachment for communication, Seaman challenged players to raise a crass and deprecating fish with a human face, even as it insulted you in the process. The game failed to take off in North America, but remains the third best-selling Dreamcast game in Japan, and even attracts morbid curiosity from today's gamers. Perhaps that interest is what inspired designer Yoot Saito to push for a handheld re-release, and the effort could finally be paying off. Nintendo has registered two trademarks that suspiciously sound like Seaman revival attempts, or something frighteningly similar to it.

The trademarks are Mysterious Pet: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face and Mysterious Partner: Legend of the Fish With A Human Face. Given that the number of fish with human faces in gaming is noticeably small, revisiting Seaman is a strong, if speculative, possibility. That said, while Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that Nintendo needs new franchises, I doubt anyone thought Seaman was what he had in mind.

If a Seaman game were to be developed, either the Wii U or 3DS would be appropriate platforms thanks to their built-in microphones. I'll even admit that the touchscreens could provide interesting gameplay opportunities, although I suspect that Seaman wouldn't appreciate the interactions. Whether we turn our televisions into creepy fish tanks, or carry a Seaman in our pocket, will now depend entirely on where Nintendo goes from here.

Source: Siliconera, via Joystiq


Bizarre indeed. It actually looks fairly interesting.

Although I can't stop pronouncing it as semen.

No...I thought I was done seeing that face after playing it on my Dreamcast! >.<
*goes into fetal position*

why do i think "incredible mr. limpet" when looking at the fish with a face @[email protected]

seems interesting..

Gah! I remember you, Seaman! I remember the nightmares!

Wait... wouldn't a nightmare involving Seaman be a wet dream?

Talk about exiting with a bang, Miyamoto.

Imagine, Seaman on the 3DS, with Streetpass functionality where your fish can socialize with some verbally abusive chums.

...I'm not sure if I'll sleep tonight.

Too bad you can't play seaman with your wii

A sequel for the 3DS? Generally, playing with your Seaman in public is frowned upon.

Perhaps we could put people's faces on it à la Face Raiders?

This just seems like it could be the most terrifying mix of Nintendogs and Pokemon X/Y's "Pokemon-amie".

Deprecating, not depreciating >:(

I'd buy, though I'd prefer it on the WiiU to the 3DS: A game with talking fish people things needs to be in HD on big TV Screens...

It's a Ningyo; not all that weird really.

Always nice to see the lovecraftian oddities of the Dreamcast make there way into the realm of man

Deprecating, not depreciating >:(

Heh, correct. :) Thanks.

I would rather have Nintendo confirm the return of StarFox or F-zero, it's been way too long since we've had a new entry in those franchises. You would think there would be more interesting dormant Sega franchises that could be revived, then again I cannot really think of any myself.

Bizarre indeed. It actually looks fairly interesting.

Although I can't stop pronouncing it as semen.

heh heh heh. Seaman.

Seaman related trademarks. I'm picturing Reggie blowing a load on a napkin and mailing it to the USPTO. It saddens me. :(


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