Ouya Aims to "Free The Games" With Funding Program

Ouya Aims to "Free The Games" With Funding Program

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Ouya will match Kickstarter funds raised by game campaigns that give the console timed exclusivity.

Ouya was arguably a rock star as far as videogame Kickstarter's go. Hooking tens of thousands with promises of an affordable and open console experience, it would go on to earn more than $8.5 million in crowdsourced funding, nearly nine hundred percent of its initial goal. That said, the days of people oohing and aweing (Ouya-ing, if you will) over the Ouya may have come to a close. With the reviews for the Android-based console out, both critics and consumers seem markedly underwhelmed.

Chief among the many complaints now dogging the indie console is a simple lack of quality games. In an attempt to remedy this, the folks behind the Ouya have now announced that they will be establishing a new program dubbed the "Free the Games Fund". Ouya is putting up one million dollars that it will use to match the funding raised by gaming projects that give the console timed exclusivity to their games. To qualify a participant must raise at least $50,000 and, of course, have their campaign end in success. If they raise more than $250,000 however, Ouya will only match the first quarter of a million. Once the one million dollar fund runs out the program will end.

This could be an interesting way for the Ouya to land much needed exclusive content. Likewise, it could also help independent developers expand their available resources. That said, considering the Ouya's narrow audience and the fact that participating games would presumably still need to be made following their campaigns, the actual usefulness of the Free the Games Fund could be limited. Independent developers might benefit from the extra funding but then find their games languishing in obscurity while they wait for Ouya's exclusivity to run out. Likewise, seeing as the Ouya could use better games now, titles that could take months or even years to finish realistically may not help the ailing console.

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Not entirely sure yet how I feel about this, but points to them for keeping creative with production & concepts

Edit: scratch that. not a fan. one of the big draws of the Ouya, to which I am a supporter, was it's open nature. Sure, you can still sideload whatever you want, but the exclusivity deals kinda violate the spirit of the original idea

It looks like the Ouya is already on life support. Considering videos on what the thing is like, I think it just isn't as impressive as the people that made it thought it would be.

To me the thing is just a slightly better version of one of those cheap includes 100 games or more black and white handhelds that could be bought for cheap years ago from catalogs, stores, or were given as free gimmick gifts from product promotions. And from what I've seen, the thing is pretty cheap, even the list price seems a tad expensive for the quality.

Fool us once...

How have they not yet filed for bankruptcy protection?

How have they not yet filed for bankruptcy protection?

they still have money leftover from the amount of supporters in thier kickstarter.


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